Endured severe blows from a heartless individual to safeguard the life of his kitten.

Our mothers nurtured and cared for us every day with profound affection. A mother’s love is truly unparalleled, and this sentiment is not so different for animals, as mothers express love for their offspring in ways similar to humans.

Upon conducting a thorough examination of the behavior of this tiny kitten, it became evident that she required assistance. Agony was palpable in her eyes, indicating that she was experiencing pain.

Capturing this cat proved to be a challenging task for the rescuers, as she exhibited high intelligence and extreme fear, making it impossible for them to trap her. However, after a week of tracking and patience, they were ultimately successful.

Suffering from a fractured jaw that hindered her ability to eat or drink, the cat received immediate attention from the rescue group upon being in their care. Recognizing the urgency, they took swift action, determined not to let this little girl succumb to her injuries; she required urgent care.

Rescuers transported Sweetie to Save Cats & Obliterate OverPopulation, Inc.

The veterinarians at SCOOP, Inc. discovered that the kitten’s jaw was hanging off the pallet. Under the guidance of Barb Wehmann, CEO of SCOOP, Inc., the veterinarian was directed to promptly reconstruct the cat’s jaw, whom they named Sweetie.

Upon further examination of the kitten’s circumstances, they determined that her injuries were a result of a hit to the face. They suspect that someone punched and kicked tiny Sweetie in the face..

Sweetie’s rehabilitation started showing positive results a few days later as she began to regain her appetite and eat. To the astonishment of everyone in the organization, Ella Sweetie gave birth to a beautiful kitten weighing 57 grams just a few days after the surgery.

Sweetie showed no apparent signs of pregnancy, yet she was instinctively aware of it, prompting her to resist the brutal beating she endured. Despite lacking milk, the staff at SCOOP, Inc. had to provide care and feed the young one. They were amazed that this injured cat gave birth to a kitten in remarkably good health.

The kitten, named Jaax, has flourished into a healthy cat under the care of his mother and the entire SCOOP, Inc. team.

Sweetie underwent a successful second surgery and is thriving as both a mother and in her rehabilitation efforts, driven by her love for her kitten.

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