Despite losing her paw, the kitten continues to purr gratefully, thankful for being saved.

A melancholy little kitten found herself without a paw, but her rescue story unfolds with heartwarming gratitude.

Kristi and Eric, volunteers from Sparkle Cat Rescue in Burlington, North Carolina, came across a Facebook post detailing the desperate situation of a cat in need. Swift to respond, they rushed to the location where the kitten was supposed to be, only to discover that she had been taken to a shelter before they could reach her.

With no knowledge of her current whereabouts, the kitten needed urgent medical attention and round-the-clock care, especially given her young age and the severe accident that resulted in the loss of one of her feet. Recognizing the need for expertise in caring for newborn kittens, the volunteers set out to locate her.

Brian, a volunteer from Burlington Animal Services, visited his shelter that night to check if the kitten had been transferred there, but she was not present. Determined to find her, he returned to the Mebane Police Department to inquire about the kitten’s fate.

As it happened, the kitten had been taken to the county shelter. Volunteers Rowan and Eric coordinated transportation to ensure the safe transfer of the little girl to her new foster home with De Ella the next morning. Sparkle Cat Rescue stepped in to rescue her the following day.

Despite the need for volunteers to travel between locations to secure her, the effort proved worthwhile. The little kitten was named Uni, and despite the challenges she faced in her early weeks of life, she still possessed the strength to purr.

Uni was promptly taken to the veterinarian for a thorough assessment of her injured paw. In place of her small right foot, she only has a stump. Fortunately, this doesn’t hinder her from living a normal life as a brave warrior.

It seems that Uni’s mother may have unintentionally caused the injury, possibly exerting too much force while cleaning the paw, leading to the damage.

It is also plausible that the little girl was trapped just days after her birth, leading to the unfortunate incident that left her with only three legs.

Surprisingly, Uni doesn’t appear to miss her tiny foot. She has adeptly adapted to using her remaining three legs and has even mastered sitting up with the help of her tail, showcasing remarkable skill in maintaining her balance.

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