A month after being rescued, the transformation of the once-homeless cat is so remarkable that he is now unrecognizable.

During a bike ride with her father in November of last year, Blessie Mae Ayalde stumbled upon a homeless cat on the streets of the Philippines, battered by fierce typhoons. To her surprise, a little gray cat’s face emerged from a puddle of dirt. Initially not expecting the cat to be alive, Blessie was astonished when the small creature blinked and responded to her calls. Despite the desire to take the female cat home, logistical challenges forced Blessie to leave her on the streets that night.

Expressing regret for not being able to take the homeless cat with her immediately, Blessie Mae Ayalde recounted, “She was quite talkative and enjoyed snuggling. As I began stroking her entire body, she pressed her head against me, as if we had known each other for years. That’s when I realized, ‘Oh, this cat wants me to help her.'”

The next morning, the young woman couldn’t shake thoughts of the small kitten and returned to the spot where she found it.

Blessie recalled, “That night, I couldn’t sleep because I was worried about her. So, I grabbed a reusable bag and went back to where I discovered her the next morning, hoping she was still there.”

When Blessie found the kitten, it appeared frail and unwell. Although the kitten meowed and approached her, showing recognition, its vitality had noticeably declined in the passing hours.

Determined to help, Blessie brought the kitten, now named Alon, home to provide care. Using a syringe, she gave Alon a bath and gradually nursed her back to strength through feeding, demonstrating unwavering dedication to the kitten’s well-being.

Under the young woman’s affectionate care, the cat started to showcase her unique personality, and her physical appearance underwent a remarkable transformation.

Blessie observed, “I thought she was a kangaroo because she loves to run around the house and hop so much. She’s quite the talker! Her meows are continuous and unstoppable. She even learned to grab our attention away from my other cat, and now she consistently vocalizes to get our notice.”

Blessie observed that Alon was initially covered in automobile oil, but after changing soaps and giving her another bath, she uncovered a stunning, fluffy white fur underneath.

Reflecting on the experience, Blessie shared, “I remember laughing a lot because I have another cat that looks just like her. They both have the same coat with the same design. Due to their striking resemblance, my family often confuses them.”

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