A man purchased a kitten without a mother to provide comfort to his wife who had experienced a miscarriage.

Miscarriage is a distressing experience for women, and it is a situation no one wishes to witness happening to their wife. Unfortunately, an Imgur user’s wife faced this heartbreaking predicament. Despite the user’s efforts, his wife remained without a smile for over two months after learning about the miscarriage.

“I found a kitten with no mommy,” the user shared.

What does his statement imply?

One day, the man visited a shelter and encountered a half-faced kitty named Callie, whose mom had met a tragic end. Despite the distressing circumstances, Callie had been fed and cared for in the shelter for several days. Witnessing the kitty and learning about her heartbreaking background, the man felt that this kitty needed a nurturing presence, just like how his wife needed a child to love.

“After getting to know her, it turned out that she is an absolute sweetheart. I had to take her home. Her face and her eyes brought a calmness over me, and I thought she might bring the same comfort to my wife,” he shared.

Hoping to bring comfort to his wife after receiving distressing news, the man promptly brought the kitty home. Callie, the cat, became like a companion to the woman, and her presence elicited the brightest smile that the man had not seen for a long time.

“She and Callie bonded immediately. Callie is constantly snuggled up to her momma and sleeps tucked up to her stomach at night,” the man shared.

But Callie’s mission extended beyond that moment. One morning, the man experienced the most significant surprise of his life when his wife tapped him on the shoulder.

“This morning, I was cleaning the litter box and got a tap on the shoulder. When I turned around, my wife was holding a pregnancy test with the biggest smile on her face,” he wrote.

“Little Callie is going to be a sister! I can’t explain it, but there’s something about this cat that makes me believe everything is going to be okay. Things are looking up!” he added.

Wow! What a heartwarming story! Callie the cat not only brings joy to the family but also plays a significant role during the woman’s sensitive time. Scientifically, cats are known to reduce stress and depression in humans. Stress is often a factor that affects women’s ability to conceive. It turns out that the man’s decision to bring Callie home was the best one ever! Hopefully, everything continues to go well for this small, loving family.

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