With the assistance of a Good Samaritan and coffee, three kittens trapped in the ice on the road were successfully rescued.

While the health benefits of coffee are widely known, it’s unlikely that anyone envisioned it as a life-saving intervention.

While at work, Kendall Diwishch observed three kittens frozen to the ground and paused to investigate when he heard urgent meowing.

Upon closer inspection, he found that two out of the three kittens had their tails trapped in the ice on the ground.

Facing a time crunch, Diwishch had to act swiftly. He rushed back to his car and seized the sole item he possessed capable of melting ice: a cup of hot coffee.

He brought it back to the abandoned kittens and started pouring it around their tails; to his surprise, the kittens began to drink it!

Fortunately, the amount they ingested was not enough to cause any harm.

Diwisch successfully freed the tiny kittens from the ice without any injuries or complications after a gentle tug.

With no sign of a mother anywhere, Diwisch brought the three kittens home to provide warmth and feed them.

Gaining popularity after sharing key moments from his journey with the kittens on Facebook.

Discovering the three kittens was crucial, as it’s probable they had been there throughout the night and might not have survived much longer.

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