Rescue operations save five kittens from the sewer, with one among them being half the size of the others, yet brimming with resilience.

Jess Thoren, a volunteer at Animal Care Centers of NYC, received a notification about a litter of kittens in need of a foster home. Jess elaborates, “They were found abandoned in a sewer on Staten Island, without their mother.”

At a mere two weeks old, the smallest tabby kitten was incredibly fragile, weighing just 122 g, while the other littermates were 100 g heavier. The odds of the kitten’s survival were slim, and Jess was warned that he might not pull through. Nevertheless, she brought all five of them home and spent the entire night monitoring the smallest one.

For several days, she had to tube-feed him hourly, ensuring both hydration and warmth. Then, one bright morning, the little guy finally showed signs of improvement, and everything progressed smoothly.

Once his voice and energy were back, he started meowing incessantly, prompting Jess to feed him promptly. In the following days, the minke whale, named Henry, gained both weight and strength.

Despite trailing a few steps behind his brothers, he remains undeterred, putting in every effort to keep pace.

“Henry is still not as coordinated as the others, and he’s a late bloomer,” Jess explains, “but he’s growing.”

The striped youngster has become quite talkative, vocalizing his myriad thoughts loudly and insisting on the attention and affection of his adoptive parents.

He compensates for his lack of size with a vibrant personality.

“He gets quite vocal, especially when he’s hungry,” Jess mentions. He purrs, nuzzles, and comfortably dozes off on my lap. “He also relishes getting scratched behind the ears.”

“Henry is honing his playfulness, though he still has his clumsy moments,” Jess continues. “He’s a spirited player who enthusiastically engages with individuals much larger and heavier than himself.”

Henry and his family had been under Jess’s care for a little over three weeks. “When I picked him up from the shelter, the staff mentioned that his survival was uncertain,” Jess recollects.

“After numerous lengthy nights, employing innovative tube feeding techniques, and showering him with unconditional love, Henry has now exceeded the 450g mark!” Jess exclaims, “I’m overjoyed to be a foster mom!”

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