In a junkyard, a cat successfully ensures the survival of six kittens until assistance arrives.

Brisbane-based animal rights group Best Friends Felines (BFF) received a report last month about a mother cat and six kittens found in a shed in a junkyard.

“It’s unclear how long she was there,” Nikki of BFF explains, “but beneath her fur was a really malnourished body.” The cat’s family underwent a veterinary examination.

Aurora, the mother cat, was starving, trying to nourish six hungry mouths with no available food sources. She dedicated all her time to a makeshift shelter with her kittens, ensuring they were fed and alive.

Aurora arrived at the rescue site in a severely weakened and exhausted state. “Due to her alarming emaciation, she couldn’t walk normally on her hind legs. We aimed to thoroughly assess her and the kittens’ health.”

Upon being presented with a full bowl of food, the cat expressed immense gratitude and consumed every bit as if it were her last meal. After enduring much hardship, she could finally close her eyes, reassured that her family was now safe.

Aurora’s paw strength was rejuvenated through nourishing food and relaxation in a warm, comfortable nest. Over the next few days, she steadily regained enough strength to stand on all fours and walk again.

She eagerly seeks attention and love whenever the caretaker enters the room to assist the cat.

Aurora is content to have a shelter over her head and an endless supply of food. She proves to be a miraculous mother for her six kittens, consistently ensuring their tummies are filled and their fur coats are clean.

The kittens, five gray and one gray-white, opened their eyes in the security of a safe home. As they grew, they started to crawl and stand on their legs.

“Aurora is thriving in a domestic human environment; she loves attention and consistently seeks out her caretaker for snuggles,” Nikki shares. “Her coat has become noticeably silkier, clearly benefiting from the excellent diet she receives.”

The kittens are already mastering the art of walking under the watchful eye of their nurturing mother.

“Everyone has ventured out, exploring their surroundings. They’ve started playing with each other, and it’s the most delightful sight.”

Aurora now takes more breaks from her motherhood duties and spends additional time alone with people.

This remarkable cat, who survived on the streets with six kittens, is now relishing the well-deserved human attention.

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