Every day, a cat wears her heart to express love to her human.

“We stumbled upon Zoë by chance, to be honest. Initially, our plan was to adopt one kitten, and we had initially chosen Izzy,” shared Joanne Smienk (@izzyandthefluff), Zoë’s human mom, with Love Meow.

“When we went to pick up Izzy, we noticed Zoë as well. She won us over with her endearing heart marking (surprisingly unnoticed by anyone before) and her playful demeanor.”

However, what convinced them completely was discovering the close bond between the two kittens. “Being the only tuxedos in their litter, they did everything together. We couldn’t resist their sisterly love and ended up bringing both of them home.”

Despite being sisters, they exhibit distinct personalities. Joanne shared with Love Meow, “Izzy is fearless and incredibly affectionate. She loves jumping to catch things during playtime.”

“Zoë, on the other hand, is a bit reserved around people but remains very affectionate towards us. She consistently stays close and often rests beside me with her paws on my arm.”

The inseparable duo moved into their forever home at 8 weeks old.

At 11 months old, the two sisters have matured, yet they remain as close as ever, like two peas in a pod.

Zoë is quite the adventurous one. Joanne mentioned, “Her curiosity has led her to accidentally fall into the (full) bathtub four times already.”

Wearing a stunning heart-shaped tuxedo, she is well aware of her own beauty!

Every day, she expresses her love to her humans by proudly wearing her heart on her chest.

Carrying her big heart wherever she goes, she radiates love and spreads it around.

In Zoë’s presence, it’s difficult not to feel loved.

Ever curious about how Zoë’s heart looks as she strolls?

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