A brown kitty and her sister warmly welcome everyone with hugs until they find a permanent home.

Animal rescuers Melissa and Tyler Lucas opened their shelter doors to a pair of kittens. These adorable kittens, in need of a foster home and plenty of love due to their young and energetic nature, found a welcoming place.

Ida, a black kitten, and Isabella, commonly known as Izzy, a brown kitten, are two delightful and affectionate sisters who have been inseparable since their arrival in the shelter’s care.

The kittens appeared to enjoy the company of humans, with Izzy, in particular, feeling comfortable among people. She relished being pampered, closing her eyes and drifting off to sleep in her guardians’ arms within seconds.

Despite her sweet nature, Izzy still required assistance in finishing her bottle. She appreciated all the attention she received and eagerly anticipated lengthy conversations with her adoptive father after meals. It took the kittens a few attempts to get used to weaning, but once Ida mastered it and abandoned the bottle for good, Izzy quickly followed suit.

The kittens thoroughly enjoyed playing games and exploring the surroundings, behaving like two seasoned explorers. After getting tired, the two sisters approached their caretakers to take a nap with their host family.

Melissa explains:

“Before Izzy could unwind, she required some cuddle time. She’s playful, yet she cuddles up with the same enthusiasm with which she approaches everything else.”

The kittens’ foster mother assures, “These girls are utterly devoted to their loved ones.” If a human comes close enough for climbing, wrestling, kissing, or snuggling, you can be certain Ida and Izzy will eagerly seize the opportunity (often quite literally). This makes it challenging to be productive with them, but it also leads to some incredibly adorable moments.”

Izzy, the mischievous kitty, had an unusual plan for one day, and she was determined to carry it out. In a sudden move, the audacious ball of fur hopped onto the back of the resident dog, JD, and briefly embraced him around the neck.

When she finally grew tired of her escapades and was ready for the night, she would seek her foster mother for cuddles and attention.

Melissa recalls:

“She’d chatter away at me incessantly from the back of the couch. In 2.75 seconds, she’d be up and asleep. I’d wake up, place her on Ty’s lap, hop to the back of the sofa, and chatter at her once more. These girls are a handful, but Izzy is there to lend a paw.”

After spending ten weeks with the kittens, they were finally prepared to leave the nest and embark on their journey to find a happy home.

Melissa added, “It took quite some time for these little girls to unwind. Especially Izzy, they navigated things at their own pace. But we made it, and I’m very proud of them. I’m eager to see whatever their next chapter holds.”

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