A woman’s heart was touched when she found twin kittens who serve as each other’s guides through life, despite both being blind.

Upon encountering two kittens wandering around her property, a compassionate woman from Sydney, Australia, observed an unbreakable bond between them.

Both kittens were severely undernourished, and as she started to feed them, she became aware of something distinctive about these twin boys.

Displaying kindness, she took both of the three-week-old kittens to the veterinarian for a thorough examination. She named them Stevie and Isaac.

It was revealed that both kittens were born with a condition that caused their eyelashes to curve inward, brushing against their pupils and compelling them to rub against each other.

Despite their medical conditions, both cats remained amiable and lively during their veterinary visit. Regrettably, they needed medical intervention to address their blind eyes, as there was a risk of infection.

Additionally, the veterinarian reconstructed Isaac’s eyelid to provide protection for his one healthy eye.

It was evident that they were under excellent care, as both recovered swiftly from their surgeries.

Within less than 24 hours, they were back on their feet and engaged in play once again.

Stevie, being entirely blind, relies on his brother Isaac to navigate the world. Whenever he feels disoriented, he calls out to Isaac, who is consistently nearby, ready to comfort him.

After a year, the twins have seamlessly adapted to their new home and have become beloved members of their family.

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