A kitten, initially judged as “too ugly to be loved,” discovers a home and defies all expectations, proving the initial assessment wrong.

He held onto her for solace and was reluctant to release his grip.

Widdle, a six-week-old kitten, along with his sister, was rescued by the Kitten Inn in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. Immediately, they observed that the ginger boy was noticeably smaller than other kittens of his age.

Despite his petite size, Widdle exuded boundless energy, consistently meowing and chirping to seek attention. He avoided solitude and craved affection.

Jessie, a vet nurse, took both Widdle and his sibling home for fostering. The little fellow had a penchant for seeking warmth, and the moment she picked him up, he climbed onto her shoulders, initiating a snug and affectionate embrace.

Jessie observed that the kitten was not keeping pace with the growth rate of other kittens. “I fostered him for months, and despite not experiencing significant growth, his sister and foster siblings all developed normally and were returned to find new homes,” Jessie shared with Love Meow.

“Widdle remained with us persistently. He charmed his way into our hearts and souls with his little orange presence.”

Sleepy time is always shared.

Widdle exclusively dozes off in the company of his humans. This affectionate kitty has a strong inclination for companionship and just craves love.

Almost every day, Jessie took Widdle to work as the kitten insisted on being a constant companion.

“He is a true shoulder cat, to everyone, whether they appreciate it or not,” Jessie remarked. “He exudes immense happiness, is remarkably calm, and showered with affection. He jumps onto everyone’s shoulder, seeking elevation. He is my source of pride and joy.”

At six months of age, Widdle eventually reached a weight of 2.2 pounds (1 kg). “His symptoms strongly indicate a form of dwarfism known as panhypopituitarism,” Jessie explained.

While he will probably remain petite indefinitely, Widdle possesses a generous heart and has an abundance of love to share.

When he’s not nestled on his human’s shoulders, he can be found comfortably curled up in their arms, purring contentedly.

Pure bliss!

Widdle is at his happiest when he is snugly nestled next to his human.

Cradling his human dad’s hand with his paws.

Widdle lends a helpful paw during playtime.

Give me your attention right meow!

It’s been six months since Widdle became a part of their lives.

“He’s still perfectly small enough to perch on a shoulder! I can’t enter the living room without him hopping up,” Jessie remarked.

The tiny ginger boy trails his humans throughout the house, lavishing them with cuddles and purrs.

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