A cat assumes the role of a parental figure for an abandoned kitten, offering nurturing care and ultimately playing a crucial role in saving its life.

It rescued her existence.

A week ago, the Nova Cat Clinic received a one-day-old kitten in critical condition, the sole survivor of her litter. Despite round-the-clock efforts by volunteers from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, it became apparent that additional assistance was required.

Ellen Carozza, a Feline Licensed Veterinary Technician at Nova Cat, shared, “She was brought to me on February 5th, as they were aware of my expertise in caring for critical neonates. After her arrival, our veterinarians conducted examinations, prescribed antibiotics, and initiated tube feeding due to her underweight condition.”

Being a singleton, she consistently seeks warmth and anything that replicates a cat mother’s heartbeat. Weighing merely 71 grams, she possessed the spirit of a warrior, displaying an unwavering determination. Her longing for love and cuddles was palpable, and Ellen was well aware of the perfect companion to introduce her to.

Ellen shares her home with a resident cat named Benny, the reigning monarch of the household and a surrogate father to numerous rescued kittens she has taken under her care.

Blessed with a heart of gold, Benny exhibits a nurturing instinct that rivals that of a mother. Whenever he encounters a kitten in distress, he promptly embraces the role of caregiver, displaying a maternal tenderness.

Adora Belle, the calico they christened, is no different when it comes to receiving Benny’s affection.

The moment he laid eyes on the kitten, he sprang into action. “After giving Adora a bath, we promptly let Benny shower her with affection, and he did so without hesitation.”

Although the kitten is positioned in an incubator to regulate her body temperature, nothing hinders Benny from indulging in his cherished activities.

He slumbers beside the incubator, steadfastly keeping the kitten company throughout the night.

“When I arrived home, he observed me approaching our home incubator with the kitten travel bag and promptly sat up, aware that I had a baby for him,” Ellen shared with Love Meow.

“Benny takes it upon himself to oversee her feedings and delights in grooming her with affection.”

Nova Cat’s Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation extends essential care to rescued kittens like Adora, ensuring they receive the support required for survival and flourishing.

Assisted by the veterinary team and Benny’s unwavering affection, the kitten is progressing, growing, and gaining strength with each passing day.

Within a mere week, Adora has doubled her weight and tripled her strength.

“Her eyes opened prematurely, and she adores being groomed by Benny, as well as with her toothbrush when she is not in his company.”

Despite a challenging beginning, little Adora is thriving and has a promising future ahead of her.

Benny seizes every opportunity to shower his kitten with affection, ensuring she is well aware of the love surrounding her.

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