The petite feline is overjoyed to have found a caring home at last.

This recounts how an 11-year-old child rescued a little kitty, providing the much-needed home she was desperately seeking.

The young kitten required a foster home, and animal rights activists had already acquainted themselves with the tiny feline. Alyssa Smith, co-founder of the animal rights non-profit, remarked, “The youngster is incredibly small, likely around four weeks old, yet he’s the size of a one-week-old.”

Rescued in a distressed state, the unfortunate kitty was only half its expected size. Despite its challenging condition, the feline remained incredibly adorable and affectionate.

An 11-year-old boy and his mother volunteered to provide foster care. It wasn’t until they cradled the little one in their hands that they realized just how diminutive it was.

The boy’s mother mentioned, “He weighed just 240 grams, half the size he should have been, and his condition was a bit rough around the edges.” Together, she and her son named the kitten ‘Fluffy,’ drawing inspiration from a mouse due to its striking resemblance.

They displayed kindness by giving the petite feline a gentle shower and took turns feeding him every few hours.

Fluffy adores leaping onto the shoulders of humans and purring, emitting a louder sound than one might anticipate for its size.

“He enjoys perching on my shoulder, observing his surroundings,” shared Erin, the mother.

“When he isn’t napping, cuddling, or eating, he perches on someone’s shoulder, asserting a sense of mastery over the situation.”

After finding its family, the kitten started to gain weight, thanks to the love, attention, and nurturing care it received.

Despite his petite size, he compensates with a vibrant personality. The moment he mastered using his four legs, he enthusiastically started running and jumping with excitement.

“All he desires is to scamper across the shoulders nearby. What more do you need besides his purrs and affection?” Erin remarks.

“He’s a true treasure, and we’re confident that with time, he will transform into a splendid diamond,” the mother affirms.

Erin includes, “He loves spending time with our adopted kittens and appears to relish taking care of them.”

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