Rescued from an uncertain fate, a timid kitten discovers the courage to seek out cuddles and affection.

In Montreal, Canada, Milena encountered an online post about an orange kitten in distress and promptly came to the rescue, ensuring the safety of the 2-month-old feline.

The kitten, extremely shy and mere skin and bones, kept her head down, flattened her ears, and avoided eye contact. Milena swiftly took her to the vet and reached out to the local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal.

“We named the kitten Angie and brought her under our care. She was infested with fleas and ear mites, in addition to being underweight and dehydrated,” Chatons Orphelins Montréal shared with Love Meow.

Providing her with fluids and assisting her with eating, as she showed no appetite, the rescue team mixed kitten milk with paté and fed her using a syringe. The sweet kitten gradually started to regain her vitality as her body began to heal.

After Angie’s condition improved, Marion, a volunteer from the rescue, gently picked her up and took her to her foster home.

Despite ongoing challenges with eating and weight gain, Angie’s foster mom diligently trailed her around the house, ensuring she never missed a meal.

Diagnosed with anemia and a bacterial infection, the kitten received antibiotics and an abundance of love, initiating her healing process.

Following each meal, Angie snuggles with her foster mom, creating a purrito, and purrs herself to sleep.

“She can now eat independently, is lively, and feels significantly better. Her health issues, if not detected in time, could have been fatal,” the rescue conveyed to Love Meow.

Once Angie experienced the warmth of love, she developed an insatiable appetite for it. “Now, she consistently seeks hugs and attention,” they added.

Angie has transformed from the timid little kitten they first encountered at the vet. She has flourished into a vocal and affectionate girl, confidently seeking cuddles without hesitation.

“Like other kittens her age, she has started to engage in playful activities. Under the careful nurture of her foster mom, Angie is now progressing well in her weaning process and overall healing.”

Within a short span of a couple of weeks, the reserved kitten has undergone a complete transformation, blossoming into an affectionate little love-bug.

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