Porg, an adorable kitten with large eyes, is found abandoned in a box but quickly finds a caring home.

One day in the Chicago suburbs, a woman discovered a box on her porch, and to her surprise, it contained a tiny kitten. The kitten had a sizable wound on its neck, prompting the woman to provide immediate treatment and take it to the nearest animal hospital.

Veterinarian Elise Hall examined the initially shy cat, which gradually became more friendly and playful as the day progressed. Impressed by the cat’s transformation, Elise decided to care for him until he could be placed in a forever home. She named him Porg, reminiscent of a Star Wars character with giant eyes.

Elise soon observed that scratching Porg’s ears and neck caused significant marks on his skin. Further investigation revealed that he suffered from a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. To address this, Porg often wears clothes to protect his skin and enhance his comfort. Elise shared, “It has been quite the difficult learning process finding what has helped keep his skin healthy and safe, but we now have our routine down, and he has been doing great.”

Despite his condition, which also led to some eye disorders, Porg found a loving home and is under the care of Elise. Porg is described as a playful, cuddly, and humorous cat, and his large eyes give him a unique and endearing appearance that captures the hearts of those who meet him. To follow more of Porg’s daily adventures, you can check out his Instagram page.





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