A homeless cat strolls into a firehouse, captivating everyone’s attention and ultimately finding a forever home.

Two years ago, an unnamed stray cat wandered into Station 57 Fire Department in New York. The firefighters welcomed her with tummy rubs and head pats, and soon she became a regular, seeking attention from everyone around. In return, she adeptly chased away rodents, occasionally gifting her successful prey to her human companions in the morning. Due to her effective hunting skills, she earned the name Killer. When not supervising the work at the station, she can be found relaxing on the couch or approaching others for some brushing time. Killer has undoubtedly made a positive impact on everyone’s day, and her presence has transformed the station. Explore Killer’s daily routine at the firehouse and follow her on Instagram to stay updated on her life story.

Introducing Killer, the once-lonely cat on a quest for a home.

Fast forward two years, and now Killer has not only found herself a home but also a forever family.

Upon her initial arrival at Station 57 Fire Department, she displayed shyness and aloofness.

Currently, she leads a joyous life and thoroughly enjoys the attention she receives.

As evident, her preferred time is when she gets to be brushed.

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