The “pocket” kitty is delighted to have found a caring home at last.

This narrates how an 11-year-old child rescued a little kitty, providing the much-needed home that it desperately sought.

Requiring a temporary foster home, the kitten had received prior information from animal rights activists. Alyssa Smith, co-founder of the animal rights non-profit, remarked, “The young child is remarkably small, likely only around four weeks old, yet he’s about the size of a one-week-old.”

Rescued in a distressed state, the unfortunate kitty was only half its expected size. Despite its condition, it remained incredibly cute and affectionate. An 11-year-old boy and his mother volunteered to provide foster care, only realizing the true extent of its tininess when they cradled it in their hands.

The mother of the boy commented, “He weighed just 240 grams, half of the size he should have been, and his condition was a bit rough around the edges.” Together, she and her son named the kitten ‘Fluffy,’ drawing inspiration from its striking resemblance to a mouse.

They displayed kindness by giving the pocket kitty a comforting shower and took turns feeding him every couple of hours.

Fluffy adores leaping onto the shoulders of humans and purring, emitting a volume surprisingly loud for its size.

“He enjoys perching on my shoulder and surveying his surroundings,” remarked Erin, the mother.

“When he’s not napping, cuddling, or eating, he perches on someone’s shoulder and seems to assert control over the situation.”

After the kitten found its family, receiving love, attention, and tender care, it started to gradually gain some weight.

Despite his small size, he compensates with a vibrant personality. The moment he mastered using his four legs, he enthusiastically started running and jumping with excitement.

“All he desires is to dash across the nearest shoulder. What more could you ask for than his purring and affection?” Erin remarked.

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