Left at a shelter due to being overly affectionate, a cat ultimately discovers a caring family and a welcoming lap to call home.

Jacque, a typical Velcro-kitten, has always had a penchant for cuddling and desires nothing more than to nestle in the warm lap of someone he adores.

While many of us would consider having an exceptionally affectionate cat showering us with love a dream, Jacque’s family did not share the same sentiment. At three years old, he was relinquished to the Michigan Cat Rescue shelter because his owner had grown weary of his affectionate nature.

Jacque’s owner expressed frustration with Jacque consistently seeking attention and pleading to be cuddled.

With no inclination to provide the affection he sought, she made the decision to part ways with him.

Jacque felt a mix of sadness and confusion after unexpectedly losing his family and home. However, he adapted to his new situation and swiftly captivated everyone at the rescue center.

Jacque’s sweet disposition and warm cuddles were irresistible to all.

The staff at Michigan Cat Rescue understood the importance of finding the ideal home for Jacque.

He deserved a family that would truly cherish him, appreciating his behavior as sweet rather than clingy.

Upon meeting his new family for the first time, Jacque immediately sensed that he belonged with them. He nestled up to his new daddy, exuding love and happiness.

His newfound family was more than delighted to reciprocate his affection and provide him with all the cuddles he desired.

Jacque now resides happily with his new mommy, Liz, and the rest of his wonderful new family.

He’s cherished for the cuddly cat that he is, no longer feeling ashamed for seeking love and attention.

“He’s an amazing cat who just needed the perfect home and a fresh start,” shared a member of Michigan Cat Rescue with Love Meow.

Jacque no longer experiences the burden of feeling too clingy; instead, he is welcomed with open arms.

Liz adores it when he curls up in her lap, and the entire family takes pleasure in pampering him and ensuring his happiness.

Jacque has ultimately discovered his ideal home, and his life will be brimming with love and snuggles for all time.

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