A rescued cat mother adopts an orphaned bunny, ultimately saving its life.

A shelter in California received a pregnant cat a week ago, and shortly after her arrival, she went into labor, delivering a litter of kittens.

On that very night, a compassionate individual brought in an orphaned bunny in desperate need of a mother’s love.

Recognizing that the orphaned bunny faced a challenging night without a surrogate mother, the shelter staff made a crucial decision to provide him with the best chance for survival. They introduced him to the cat mama and her recently born kittens.

The cat immediately embraced the bunny, nursing and grooming him as if he were one of her own. Subsequently, the shelter reached out to Love Your Feral Felines, a volunteer-based rescue group in Oceanside/Vista, California, and sought their assistance in caring for the feline family, now including the new addition.

“Of course, we said ‘Yes.’ Our transporter picked up the little family and fostered them overnight for us when the babies were only one day old,” shared Melissa Dunaj, Senior Director of Love Your Feral Felines, with Love Meow.

“She is an exceptional mother, caring for the bunny by nursing him and aiding in his bathroom needs.”

They initiated research to learn how to appropriately care for the baby bunny. Seeking guidance from an expert, they uncovered that the bunny wasn’t a domestic rabbit but a wild one.

“Due to California’s stringent wildlife laws, and our swift realization that cat’s milk isn’t sufficient to sustain a rabbit,” Melissa informed Love Meow.

Recognizing the need for the bunny to be transferred to a rescue with specialized expertise in bunny rehabilitation, the cat mama’s assistance played a crucial role in the little one’s recovery. He bounced back from the brink and was now prepared for his next chapter in life.

The rescue group arranged for the bunny to be transferred to a wildlife rescue equipped with the necessary resources for feeding and rehabilitating him.

“The mother and kittens are receiving excellent care in a foster home in San Diego County. The kittens are now one week old and will be ready for adoption in approximately eight weeks.

“The bunny is thriving and is under the care of a skilled wildlife rehabilitator,” Melissa shared with Love Meow.

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