With his heart in his mouth, he couldn’t resist going back to check on them, fervently praying they were still alive.

One afternoon, while driving to meet up with a friend who needed his assistance, he noticed some animals squirming on the side of the road. He pulled over to see what they were.

On the way there, he noticed something alive squirming on the side of the road; it had just caught his eye as he drove past.

Pulling over to check on what it might be, he found four tiny kittens crying for help. Two of them were already wandering onto the road and were in real danger of being run over.

The other two were huddled under some fall leaves. Unable to help at that time due to a friend in need, the man reached out on social media for assistance.

But no help came! So, he returned to the site later in the day, his heart in his mouth, hoping the kittens were still alive. What he saw broke his heart! One of the kittens had been run over by a passing car; however, the other three were still alive.

So the man quickly rescued them and took them home where his own cat, Gazini, took a huge interest in the tiny felines.

Very worried, the man was not sure what to do. The kittens were only about 2 weeks old, and he had no experience whatsoever in fostering kittens.

He tried feeding them via a syringe, but they were not taking to it very well. He knew that unless something was done soon, they might not survive!

Then out of the ƅlue, ƅecɑuse of the messɑges he hɑd left on sociɑl mediɑ, he got ɑ messɑge.

ɑ womɑn hɑd ɑ cɑt who hɑd just lost her kittens during ɑ premɑture ƅirth. The would-ƅe Mom wɑs sɑd ɑnd ɑt ɑ loss without her ƅɑƅies.


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