With a crooked smile that speaks volumes of her gratitude and joy, a woman extends an opportunity for a kitten to embrace a full and meaningful life.


A forlorn stray kitten, bearing wounds across her body, appeared on the radar of a compassionate woman in Turkey. Afflicted with various illnesses, including the highly contagious Calicivirus—a feline flu strain causing tissue loss around her mouth—the kitten received medical attention at a veterinary facility.

Upon hearing the kitten’s plight, Ahsen, an animal rescuer, chose to step in and offer assistance. Despite her deteriorating health and unkempt appearance, the little cat sought attention from the woman, displaying a poignant appeal for care.

Without hesitation, Ahsen made a firm decision to provide the struggling kitten with a fighting chance. Defying all odds, she brought the cat home to ensure proper care. Ahsen allocated a dedicated space for the kitten, aiming to offer comfort and initiate the recovery process.

The kitten was named Zombie, and Ahsen was resolute in her commitment to healing the scars on Zombie’s lips. She meticulously cleaned the dirt off the kitten’s body, demonstrating a serious dedication to her recovery.

Due to the diseases he had, Zombie’s mouth had a crooked appearance, making his rehabilitation a challenging process. Nevertheless, with the unwavering love and care from his caregiver, he triumphed over each obstacle one step at a time.

Zombie achieved a significant milestone when he was able to feed himself for the first time in a while, and remarkably, he did so without any discomfort. The grateful cat continued to purr and express her appreciation with a heartwarming crooked smile.

As the weeks passed, Zombie gained weight and grew increasingly sociable. To facilitate her recovery, two of her bottom teeth had to be extracted, making it easier for her to eat.

Ahsen felt joy and satisfaction observing the remarkable progress of her resilient feline companion. With the immediate danger behind them, they could now shift their attention to addressing both the external and internal wounds, ensuring Zombie’s comprehensive healing.

Having undergone a two-month recovery, Zombie was pampered with a well-deserved spa day. During this special occasion, it was announced that he had officially become a legal member of the Ahsen family. He was now counted among the feline residents of the household.

The new feline addition was warmly welcomed by the resident cats, who eagerly demonstrated playfulness and encouraged her to join them for supper. Zikri, the family’s tuxedo cat, formed a special bond with Zombie, displaying remarkable patience in handling her exuberance. Zombie quickly began following Zikri’s lead.

Ahsen expressed her joy in being able to aid creatures like Zombie. Witnessing her transformation and being part of the process, she reflects, “To say, ‘We did it,’ and to contribute to this meaningful experience is truly gratifying.”

Zombie now enjoys a life that surpasses her wildest dreams, surrounded by a loving family and devoted siblings who watch over her. At this juncture, all she desires is to continue living the pampered life of a privileged indoor cat.

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