Adopted by a group of five ferrets, a rescue kitten believes she is one of them, showcasing the boundless nature of love.

Discovered abandoned at the tender age of 5 months, Komari faced hunger and weakness. Compassionate rescuers took her in, providing a loving home and nursing her back to health with dedicated care.

Upon arriving at her new home, Komari was introduced not to fellow kittens, but to her five male ferret brothers. Surprisingly, this didn’t pose any issues, as the ferrets immediately embraced her as their little sister. Growing up together, these ferret brothers became the family Komari had never known.

They would snuggle, play, and share cuddles with each other. Komari, in her close bond with her ferret brothers, never opts for her own bed and now identifies herself as a ferret.

As time went on, the family expanded further by welcoming another ferret into the gang.

It’s a joyful and affectionate family. When they’re not engaged in play or meals, they spend their time cuddling.

They enjoy bath time as a group, relishing shared moments of cleanliness.

They equally cherish communal meals and bedtime, finding comfort in eating and sleeping together.

Komari, particularly, adores sharing her sleeping moments with one of her brothers.

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