A kitten, having survived a wildfire, never believed he would be reunited with his mother.

The family’s beautiful gray tabby cat, Mayson, was left behind during the devastating Camp Fire in Northern California when his owners, Laci Ping and Curtis Mullins, had to evacuate. After a nearby propane tank explosion caused Mayson to panic and flee, Ping and Mullins, occupied with rescuing their other dogs, were unable to retrieve him.

Despite Ping’s attempts to pursue Mayson, a fire team in the area intervened, prioritizing her safety. Ping shared with The Dodo, “My heart was pounding as he fled. I couldn’t reach him, and he somehow managed to escape. The fear of never seeing him again immediately crossed my mind.”

Distraught by both the loss of their home to the fire and the uncertainty of ever being reunited with their cat, Mayson, the couple decided to take action. Laci Ping, staying at a friend’s house with their other animals, made the choice to share Mayson’s picture across social media platforms, desperately seeking any information that could lead to his whereabouts.

Ping expressed, “I continuously searched the internet for any signs of him. After a few days, the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine released a list of found cats.” As soon as she came across a picture featuring a gray tabby cat with a distinctive white patch of fur around his lips, Ping promptly reached out to the UC Davis office.

Ping exclaimed, “I immediately identified his picture. That’s my beloved Mayson, I thought. I had a glimmer of hope.”

As they anxiously waited in the clinic room, a veterinary technician entered with a package.

Ping shared, “He kept reproaching me for leaving until we spotted it. Tears welled up in her eyes. I thought I had lost him forever.”

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