A woman encounters three kittens rushing toward her and realizes they are in need of her assistance.

A woman discovered three kittens approaching her, and immediately recognized that they were in need of her assistance.

Donna, an animal rescuer from @feralcatcolony, dedicates herself to caring for community cats, ensuring they are spayed and neutered while also assisting sociable kitties in finding permanent homes. One Saturday, while at a cat colony, she encountered three small newcomers.

Initially, Donna observed additional food left in the vicinity and assumed someone had arrived to feed the cats, only to be surprised when three pint-sized kittens emerged from the shadows.

The moment the kittens heard Donna’s voice, they all came running to her, one by one.

The initial to approach Donna was the grey kitten, with his two siblings following closely behind. The moment she held them, their purr motors kicked into action. The grey kitten even began stretching his content paws. After a thorough clean-up, they eagerly devoured some food and promptly found repose in a bed, catching up on much-needed sleep.

Abandoned at the site with no mother in sight, the kittens, merely four weeks old and weighing under a pound, required continuous care. Donna acted promptly, bringing them into her care and arranging a cozy space for their well-being.

“They had a wonderful night, excelling in using the litter box and consuming food and water like champions,” Donna shared with Love Meow.

Following a vet visit and receiving treatment for their eyes, the feline siblings were on the road to recovery and started gaining weight. “They need to fatten up and grow big and strong. And that’s exactly what I plan to do,” Donna expressed.

The kittens, affectionately named Woody (grey), Bryson (black tabby), and Kenzie (solid black), independently mastered eating from a dish, initiating their weaning process.

As soon as one of them took the initiative to sample solid food, the rest of the crew quickly followed suit.

“They were genuinely three of the most intelligent 4-week-olds I’ve ever fostered. They taught themselves how to be cats. I played a minimal role in guiding them. They engaged in wrestling, played with toys, cuddled together, and showered each other with love,” Donna recounted.

Within a week, Kenzie and Bryson exceeded the one-pound mark, quickly catching up to their brother, Woody. It wasn’t long before they ventured outside the playpen and explored the expanses of the house.

“They brought a lot of joy and laughter into our home. Kenzie is incredibly affectionate and simply melts in your arms. She can hold her own when it comes to her brothers,” Donna remarked.

The kittens playfully tumbled and rolled wherever they went. Woody found a fondness for shoulder rides and encouraged his siblings to join in.

“They are purr machines that delight in using me as their cat tree,” Donna described.

Once the trio reached an appropriate size for adoption, they underwent spaying and neutering before being enlisted in the adoption program at Cats Are People, Too! Club, aiming to secure their ideal homes.

Woody swiftly captured the hearts of a fantastic family that included another cat, a dog, and two affectionate human sisters. Bryson and Kenzie, a inseparable pair, found a loving home together, ensuring they will never be separated.

“We had an incredible time fostering these little ones. They brought us endless fun, joy, happiness, and countless laughs,” Donna expressed.

The trio has made remarkable progress and is currently thriving in their forever homes, living their best lives.

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