A teenager finds himself without a prom date, and his perfect companion turns out to be his cat!

His gorgeous feline gazes at him with an abundance of affection!

Our beloved furry companions consistently offer unwavering support, providing love and comfort whenever we need it.

For those flying solo, seek someone who regards you the way she looks at him – that’s genuine love.

While prom may be a cherished memory for many, it often caters to couples. For those navigating the challenges of going solo, the decision of who to bring can indeed be a daunting nightmare!

In such a predicament, Sam Steingard opted for someone he felt entirely at ease with, someone he genuinely wanted to spend the night with – his cat! The endearing decision was made to bring his feline companion to the prom.

Opting for a non-traditional approach, Sam chose to bring his cat, Ruby, to the prom, as he didn’t intend to stay for an extended period. Supporting his decision wholeheartedly, Sam’s mother, Joanne, went the extra mile by purchasing a lovely dress and a sparkly collar to perfectly accessorize Ruby’s outfit.

At the ball, there was no denying that Ruby was the undisputed center of attention!

Discovered as a tiny kitten by the Steingard family, Ruby, named after the Ruby Tuesday restaurant, has been an integral part of Sam’s life for more than a decade. They share a remarkable bond as true best friends, inseparable through the years!

Sam’s sister eventually shared one of the photos online, causing it to rapidly gain viral attention. The charming duo received adoration from people worldwide, and Ruby garnered fans from all corners of the globe.

In the picture, Ruby appears to be joyfully smiling as she gazes fondly at Sam!

Let’s be honest, how many of us had a prom date who gazed at us the way Sam’s cat does in those prom pictures? He truly chose a beauty; she is absolutely gorgeous.

Just look at the affectionate look your date is giving you – that’s genuine love right there.

Just observe the love in his cat’s eyes – he indeed picked the perfect dance partner!

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