Compelled to turn around after initially driving past, a man retraced his route, fervently hoping the animals he had glimpsed were still alive!

Spotting some animals squirming on the side of the road, he pulled over to see what they were. It was one afternoon, and he was en route to meet up with a friend who required his assistance.

En route to his destination, he observed something alive squirming on the side of the road; it had just caught his eye as he drove past.

Pulling over to investigate what it might be, he discovered four tiny kittens crying for help. Two of them had already wandered onto the road, facing real danger of being run over.

The other two were huddled under some fallen leaves. Unable to assist at that moment due to a friend in need, the man reached out to social media for help.

But no help came! So, he returned to the site later in the day, his heart in his mouth, hoping the kittens were still alive. What he witnessed broke his heart: one of the kittens had been run over by a passing car; however, the other three were still alive.

So, the man promptly rescued them and took them home, where his own cat, Gazini, took a keen interest in the tiny felines. Extremely worried, the man was unsure of what to do. The kittens were only about 2 weeks old, and he had no experience whatsoever in fostering kittens.

Trying to nourish them with a syringe, he faced resistance as the kittens didn’t respond well. Recognizing the urgency, he understood that unless swift action was taken, their chances of survival remained uncertain!

Suddenly, in response to the messages he had posted on social media, he received a message. A woman had a cat who had recently lost her kittens due to a premature birth. The would-be mom was grieving and feeling lost without her babies.

After making arrangements, the kittens were soon en route to the woman’s house. Astonishingly, the mother cat embraced the two newcomers as if they were her own. She cleaned them, played with them, and, most importantly, allowed them access to the milk bar. The man, grateful that he had gone back for the kittens, had undoubtedly saved their lives.

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