A resilient street kitten, characterized by its strong spirit, finds immense joy in bidding farewell to the streets and being embraced into the warmth of a caring and expansive family.

A tiny tabby, no larger than a palm, was discovered outdoors as an orphan alongside a sibling who, unfortunately, did not survive. With no sign of the mother cat, the remaining kitten was in desperate need of rescue. The prospect of leaving the streets and being embraced by a caring, large family fills the kitten with sheer delight.

At just a few days old, she was brought to the Humane Society of Otter Tail County in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The circumstances surrounding the absence of her mother or any other littermates remained unknown, as shared by Jenny, a dedicated foster volunteer at the shelter, with Love Meow.

Initially bottle-fed by the shelter director for a few days, Jenny assumed foster duties when the tabby was approximately 10 days old.

Jenny christened her Fergie, a namesake derived from the place of discovery. Weighing in at six ounces, the kitten displayed a hearty appetite and exhibited a resilient determination to thrive.

Having fostered numerous newborn and neonatal kittens over the years, many of whom were in critical condition upon arrival, Jenny expressed relief that Fergie appeared robust and healthy during her initial days in foster care, as shared with Love Meow.

Despite encountering some stomach issues, Fergie persisted in consuming her meals with gusto and adeptly took her medications.

“Although her weight gain experienced a gradual slowdown, I closely monitored her each day for signs of dehydration. Yet, Fergie, being a resilient kitten, powered through with the assistance of antibiotics,” recounted Jenny.

Within a brief span of a few weeks, Fergie has made remarkable progress, becoming increasingly active and curious. Jenny remains dedicated to delivering exceptional care, ensuring that the kitten sails through the crucial 8-week milestone with flying colors.

“I consistently worry until my foster kittens reach around eight weeks old. However, all indications suggest that Fergie is on track to grow into a healthy and contented kitten,” Jenny shared with Love Meow.

“Despite boasting the heartiest appetite I’ve seen in any kitten I’ve fostered recently, Fergie remains petite enough to comfortably nestle in my hand. Her vocal nature shines through, as she consistently emits soft mews, seeking attention whenever she’s awake.”

Fergie is steadily making positive strides, venturing into the exploration of her surroundings. The bold tabby has fearlessly forged friendships with several resident cats and dogs, enthusiastically engaging in playtime without hesitation.

“As time goes on, my cats are becoming increasingly intrigued by her and forming friendships. Gray, one of the cats, enjoys playing ‘find the kitty’ and gently tapping her when she’s nestled under a blanket.”

Fergie embodies a spirited, independent, and sweet nature. “After finishing her bottle, she delights in being cradled against your chest, where she enjoys gentle patting like a baby,” shared Jenny with Love Meow.

“I can foresee that she’ll assume the role of the household boss once she finds her forever home. With her tiny, adorable paw, Fergie has already woven her way into my heart!”

Fergie looks up to Freddie, the resident cat, who exhibits great sweetness towards his diminutive doppelgänger. Freddie generously shares his throne with the tiny newcomer, showcasing a harmonious companionship between the two.

At the age of five weeks, Fergie remains petite but possesses a formidable personality. “She’s a little nugget that effortlessly fits into my hands. Although she hasn’t quite reached the one-pound mark yet, we’re making progress.”

The transition from the bottle may take a bit longer for Fergie, but that’s perfectly fine. Jenny notes, “Weaning is a highly individualized process for each kitten, and they all approach it differently. Fergie seems to believe that anytime she’s in our arms, it’s also an invitation to be fed.”

Jenny expressed her gratitude to Love Meow, stating, “Fostering Fergie has been an absolute joy, and I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to provide her with love and care until she’s ready for adoption.”

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