A lost hiker is guided down a Swiss mountain by a cat.

The internet has been introduced to numerous cats with their own unique tales, but one feline captured the online world’s attention with an extraordinary display of heroism.

On a picturesque day, Redditor sc4s2cg found himself hiking in the mountains of Gimmelwald, Switzerland, reveling in the stunning scenery. Suddenly, he realized he was lost in an empty town, with the trail back to his hostel closed off for the season. Fortunately, a tiny kitty appeared and took on the role of a guide, leading him down the mountain while consistently looking back to ensure he was following. Witness the remarkable adventure of this little hero, Gimmelwald’s very own mountain guide.

This cat was the one that guided the lost hiker back to his hostel.

Amidst the hiker’s enjoyment of the picturesque scenery, he found himself lost in an abandoned town, with the only route back closed off for the season.

The small furball proceeded to lead the man down the mountain, consistently looking back to ensure he was following.

Upon reaching a clear path, both the man and the little furball went their separate ways at the base of the mountain.

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