Rescuers were guided by the “strong vocals” of tiny kittens to discover one hidden beneath a vehicle.

A small black kitten named “Rice Cake,” known for its loud and expressive cries, accidentally led rescuers to its hiding place. Seeking warmth, the kitten had crawled into a car but became scared to come out, prompting it to meow for help.

Initially, rescuers in Sunset Park had difficulty pinpointing the source of the cries. Once located, a group of rescuers in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, collaborated to free ‘Rice Cake’ from the car.

This agile kitten, described as having “great lungs,” was extricated from the vehicle, covered in grease and fleas. After being rescued, the little feline, now named Banh Gao, received a bath, a snack, and resumed its vocalizations.


Rice Cake is now purring contentedly and kneading after her first shower and snack. Welcome to the good and clean life, Rice Cake!

This cuddly kitten, who loves attention, no longer has to worry. The rescue of Banh Gao garnered significant attention, with some reactions even adding a touch of humor.

Rice Cake meowed at just the right time, her cries were heard, and a heartfelt thank you goes to the compassionate and keen ears that initiated the investigation, saving her from a potentially terrible fate!


Collaborating with various rescuers, including Sunset Park Cats, proved crucial in saving the kitten. Fortunately, the owner did not drive away before their arrival. Describing the rescue effort, one of the participants mentioned, “I used to have cat-related responsibilities, so Sunset Park Cats took over and pulled the baby out with her bare hands! She was filthy with grease and fleas but purred and kneaded after a morning bath and a full box of food.”

Sunset Park Cats revealed that Banh Gao is approximately four weeks old, and the combined efforts of the rescuers took several hours to free her.


“Today, I visited the location with My Feral Lady, where a kitten had become trapped under a car. This is a tiny infant, possibly around four weeks old. Despite our attempt to set up a kitten trap, it didn’t appear to be effective,” they elaborated.


Attempting to crouch beneath the car and mimic the kitten’s meows using their own voices, they found that the kitten would respond by coming closer, sticking its head out, and meowing. However, it remained wary and kept a safe distance, reluctant to be approached. Eventually, they succeeded in earning the kitten’s trust to the point where they could reach under the car, grab the kitten, and safely extract it.


Engaging in remarkable acts for animals in New York, these individuals are making a significant impact.

Regardless of the season, cats and kittens may seek refuge in vehicles, especially when the weather turns cold. Various stories have been shared about such incidents, emphasizing the importance of checking before starting a vehicle.

Post-rescue, the kitten would have received essential medical care, nourishment, and a comfortable space. Depending on the circumstances, she might have been placed in a temporary foster home or considered for adoption by a caring family eager to offer her a forever home.

These narratives underscore the profound influence individuals can have when they advocate for those in need. The compassion and dedication of the rescuers, coupled with the determined spirit of the tiny kitten, resulted in a heartwarming tale of rescue and hope.

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