Rescuers extend their heartfelt thanks to supporters who have positively impacted the lives of vulnerable kittens.

Tinsel and Mirepoix, among the numerous cats and kittens facing hardship in the Brooklyn area, have successfully overcome their challenges, thanks to the dedicated efforts of rescuers and supporters. Their uplifting story is just one of many.

Gratefully, compassionate individuals are lending their support to the Flatbush Cats TNR (trap, neuter, return) initiative, aiding in the care and treatment of suffering felines. The TNR approach proves instrumental in preventing unnecessary distress for these animals. Furthermore, the rescue team is actively working towards establishing an affordable veterinary clinic in New York City, a significant step that will undoubtedly save thousands of lives.


Rescuers at Flatbush Cats discovered Tinsel, an adorable gray-and-white kitten, making earnest attempts to attract attention as he concealed himself beneath large shipping containers. Detecting him would have been extremely challenging if he hadn’t been vocalizing for assistance. Observing Tinsel during his food-seeking ventures, they noticed him tilting his head, a common indicator of a severe ear infection. Without prompt veterinary intervention, the discomfort and pain persist, posing a risk of further infection spread.


The lovely Tinsel underwent a positive transformation during the rescue, and with the support of generous donations, he received treatment for a middle ear infection. Swiftly adapting to his role as a foster kitten, Tinsel engaged in playful activities while on the path to recovery. During this time, rescuers also discovered an endearing three-legged tabby.


Mirepoix, though reserved, displays a friendly disposition, seeking affection and attention. However, he faces the challenge of surviving with only three legs, a consequence of an old injury to one of his limbs. Local residents in the area have been making efforts to assist him, prompted by his amicable nature. According to neighbors, it is believed that Mirepoix may have sustained the injury in a confrontation with another animal, resulting in the loss of his right paw and a significant portion of his leg.



Following a thorough examination, Mirepoix underwent specialized surgery, necessitating the amputation of his entire leg to prevent further injury and infection. This spirited kitten has not only successfully recovered from the procedure but now relishes life as a playful and cherished domestic cat. Flatbush Cats expresses gratitude to their supporters whose donations played a crucial role in saving both Tinsel and Mirepoix.

The heartfelt thanks from the rescuers to their supporters serves as a poignant testament to the interconnected web of compassion, showcasing the transformative impact achievable when individuals unite to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable animals. This narrative extends an invitation to join hands and continue making a positive difference in the lives of struggling kittens and other animals, offering them the love, care, and opportunity to thrive that they truly deserve.

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