Rescue a injured cat found in a backpack after being discarded like trash.

In Alberta, Canada, a woman had never anticipated that the routine task of taking out the trash would result in a life-changing moment. During one of these ordinary trash trips, she observed peculiar movement inside a backpack placed in the garbage bin.

Concerned, she opened the backpack and found another sealed bag. Upon inspection, she was startled to uncover a severely weakened cat. Recognizing the animal’s injuries and urgent need for assistance, she promptly contacted Alberta Animal Services. The organization responded swiftly, transporting the cat to their facility for immediate care.


Veterinarians quickly determined that the cat had been subjected to severe abuse. An examination unveiled that the cat had experienced suffocation, resulting in neurological issues and blindness. Apart from being blind, the cat had also suffered a broken pelvis and was in a state of starvation.


Erica Coomber, executive director of Alberta Animal Services, expressed, “The unfortunate cat endured a severe head injury, and there’s uncertainty about his survival.”

Coomber added, “Currently, his neurological issues show no signs of improvement. The ordeal this kitten has faced is distressing, and we hold hope and offer prayers that we can assist him in overcoming this and achieving a complete recovery.”


Assisted by veterinarians and staff, the cat started to regain his vision, showcasing his resilient spirit despite the challenges. There is optimism that with adequate care, he can ultimately achieve a full recovery.

Coomber mentioned that despite the cruelty he endured, the cat is affectionate towards everyone and actively seeks companionship from the staff at the animal care center.


At the mere sight or sound of animal caretakers, Hiro starts to purr and seeks affectionate cuddles. The shelter opted to name him “Hiro,” inspired by a character from the TV show Heroes. It brings joy to learn that he is currently enjoying a wholesome and contented life with his caring new family.


Upon naming Hiro, it felt fitting as he exhibited unwavering determination in his fight for survival. Truly, he is a superhero, and all heroes deserve a cape.

In the event of severe injuries or long-term disability, diligent efforts would have been undertaken to secure a loving and understanding forever home, providing the cat with the specialized care and attention it requires.

This poignant narrative serves as a poignant reminder of the significance of responsible pet ownership and the essential role of compassion toward animals. It underscores the crucial responsibility of individuals and organizations in rescuing and rehabilitating animals in distress, ensuring they receive the care and affection they deserve despite the unfortunate circumstances they have faced.

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