A paralyzed feline, unable to walk, painstakingly crawls to the exact spot where she left her offspring.

Nothing can deter this resilient mother cat from reuniting with her kittens, not even a severe injury that nearly claimed her life.

In the previous month, Dee Walton, the proprietor of the Australian animal rescue organization Sawyers Gully, discovered a voicemail on his answering machine. The message was from a woman who mentioned that she had been feeding a feral cat with kittens in her yard, but her neighbor had fatally harmed the mother cat.


The account relayed that the neighbor had seized the mother cat by the tail and callously tossed her into a trailer, wrongly assuming she was lifeless.

The mother cat’s only transgression was inadvertently entering the man’s yard and subsequently being apprehended. When Walton received the message, another rescue team had already intervened to retrieve the 1-week-old kittens from the scene.


The mother cat’s lifeless body remained where it fell. However, a remarkable event unfolded the next day. The cat, later named Princess, managed to return to the spot where she had left her kittens, relying solely on her front paws. Her hind legs were paralyzed due to the injuries sustained from the brutal attack. “It’s going to take her a long time to crawl back on her front legs,” remarked Walton.

Despite the immense challenges, nothing could hinder Princess from reuniting with her offspring.


Her wish came true when she was found alive and taken in by the local RSPCA, subsequently reunited with her kittens. Interestingly, the Princess had a microchip, allowing her original owner to be traced. However, the owner chose to surrender her to the RSPCA, leaving the paralyzed princess and her kittens abandoned, as finding a home for them seemed unlikely, according to Walton.

Upon learning their story and understanding their uncertain fate, Walton expressed a commitment to caring for the Princess and her offspring. Consequently, he decided to bring the entire feline family into his care.


The cat family is currently under the care of Walton at the rescue facility. Unfortunately, the princess sustained permanent paralysis and is unable to urinate or defecate independently. Given her status as a special needs cat, she will remain in Sawyer, her new permanent home, for the entirety of her life.

Currently, the Princess can comfortably tend to her kittens, nurturing them until they reach an age where they can be separated.


A police inquiry into the abuse suffered by the Princess has led to the arrest of the man who ᴀssᴀᴜʟᴛᴇᴅ her. Plans are underway to acquire a wheelchair for the Princess to facilitate easier movement.

Princess is a true warrior, imparting a daily lesson about resilience. It is believed that the presence of her kittens has instilled in her the will to persevere and continue living.

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