Solitary Kitten ‘Speed Bump’ Explores the Comforts of Companionship in Foster Care.

Deborah from Chicago recently welcomed a week-old kitten into her home, affectionately named “Speed Bump.” The adoptive mother selected this moniker purely for its endearing charm. This continues the tradition of sharing tales about kittens donning cute names and costumes in Deborah’s care, such as Underoo and Underpants Bunch from previous stories.


In this instance, the kitten aptly lives up to its name, progressing a bit slowly through typical kitten milestones. While eagerly awaiting the companionship of another foster kitten to become her best friend, she currently finds solace in the company of her stuffed animal friends. Interestingly enough, the kitten also manages to give off the impression of a literal speed bump!


Here’s an endearing snapshot of Speed Bump showcasing her finest impersonation. The kitten playfully mimics a speed bump on the sofa. Unfortunately, she was left alone after her brother passed away at an Indiana shelter. Despite her petite and somewhat feisty demeanor, coupled with a hearty appetite, Deborah regards her as “pure perfection.” Speed Bump is currently engaged in playful antics, crafting micro cookies and baby cookies as she rollicks around in the incubator.


Speed Bump sports an orange patch on her face and a touch of white on her belly, but the majority of her fur is a melon hue, earning her the playful nickname of “fake fabric,” as humorously coined by her adoptive mother, Deborah. Witnessing the baby kitten consume 12 ml of formula from a syringe, despite weighing only 150g, stirred deep emotions in Deborah.


Speed Bump gets acquainted with new furriends, including a plushie. Being a solitary kitten, the foster mother and her daughter aim to provide her with companionship until she can be safely paired with another kitten. Initially, they gifted her a petite velvet ghost for Halloween, handcrafted by the daughter. Additionally, she enjoys the presence of a stuffed toy inside the incubator, designed to replicate the heartbeat and warmth akin to a Calmeroos cat.


Later, the kitten encounters additional plush companions during a weekend stay at the babysitter’s house. Speed Bump gazes at a stuffed toy while in the care of the babysitter. Upon returning home, she brings back her cherished stuffed mouse, now a favorite among her collection.


Following that, the adoptive mother introduced more plush companions to the kitten. Meanwhile, she persistently seeks another foster kitten to rescue. Speed Bump appears to hold affection for each plush friend, making it uncertain who secured the role. At four weeks old, Speed Bump’s peculiar antics commenced—she would fixate on her adoptive mother, then charmingly roll over.


Being an only child, Speed Bump lacks the typical sibling dynamic of learning “how to raise cats” from one another as they grow. Nevertheless, she is perfect just the way she is. The two closely bonded kittens strengthen their affection for each other as they rapidly mature. In a heartbeat, a loving family adopted them as a pair, ensuring they will remain together for a lifetime.


The foster home settled into quietude once more, and Deborah reminisced about the “little kitten-sized gaps” on the couch beside her. Despite the temporary lull, she remains cognizant that kitten season is on the horizon and must be prepared to rescue more kittens.

This heartwarming tale serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial role companionship and enrichment play in the lives of kittens, especially those without littermates or a mother. It underscores the resilience and adaptability of animals in finding solace and connection, even in unconventional ways.

Moreover, the story emphasizes the indispensable role of foster care in affording vulnerable kittens like Speed Bump the opportunity to receive love, care, and socialization. Foster caregivers wield a profound influence in these animals’ lives, equipping them for eventual adoption and facilitating a smooth transition into their forever homes.

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