Milly, the spirited kitten with a distinctive paw, discovers compassionate individuals who lend a helping hand in fostering her well-being.

Caroline Grace, the creator of Baby Kitten Rescue, received a call regarding a kitten brought to a veterinary clinic seeking assistance. The tabby cat displayed an anomaly on one of her front paws, requiring urgent rescue.

The concerned individual who brought her in had observed something amiss. The veterinarian then introduced her to us. Caroline expressed, “I encountered this precious angel, and I couldn’t turn away.” The kitten was affectionately named Mildred (aka Milly), instantly becoming an affectionate companion and a delight to be caressed.


Milly swiftly adapted to her cozy new surroundings, sinking onto a blanket to revel in its softness. After a brief exploration of her designated area, she approached Caroline, seeking a gentle head scratch. Without hesitation, the kitten enveloped the room with melodic purrs as she nestled comfortably in the embrace of her adoptive mother.


On the following day, Milly underwent a thorough examination by a neurologist at the vet’s clinic. With her charming demeanor, she effortlessly won over everyone she encountered, her resilient spirit shining through. Following an MRI, X-ray, and blood tests, a clearer picture of her condition emerged.

Milly, diagnosed with hydrocephalus, is now undergoing treatment with medication aimed at alleviating pressure on her brain. Additionally, it was discovered that the front part of her brain did not develop in the usual manner.


Despite the challenges, “Milly currently exhibits minimal neurological symptoms. She engages in normal kitten activities, such as eating, using the litter box, playing, and sleeping.” Milly also copes with radial aplasia in her right front leg, a congenital condition characterized by a deficiency in the radius bone. Remarkably, her leg causes her no discomfort, and she adeptly utilizes it for walking, playing, and scratching—a unique and endearing trait that adds to her special charm.


Since Milly was first acquainted with the toy inside the tunnel, she has become utterly captivated, frolicking within it with boundless energy. Milly is not only sweet, affectionate, and reliable but also a vibrant and cheerful soul who effortlessly shares her joy with everyone around her. When the time is right, Milly will undergo brain surgery to address the cyst, involving the drainage of excess fluid and the implantation of a drain, aiming to provide her with the optimal quality of life.


Currently, Milly is fully occupied honing her feline prowess, enthusiastically pouncing on anything that stirs. Once fatigue sets in, she gladly seeks solace in Caroline’s lap for intimate cuddle sessions. Milly takes delight in an array of toys within her reach, reveling in the abundance of affectionate hugs she requests and receives.


At the sound of her adoptive mother’s call, Milly promptly responds, showering her with her signature head bumps and purrs.

Milly’s journey serves as a poignant reminder that every animal, regardless of their idiosyncrasies or physical distinctions, deserves an opportunity to flourish and experience love. It underscores the transformative influence of compassion and the positive outcomes achievable through the kindness of caring individuals in an animal’s life.

Through embracing Milly’s individuality and offering the necessary care and support, these compassionate individuals are cultivating a nurturing environment where she can thrive, play, and be treasured for the delightful kitten she is.

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