Foster Kitten, the Furry Companion Exhibiting a Canine-Like Trot and a Frog-Like Leap.

Heather from Louisiana welcomed a unique gray kitten named Hal into her home. Hal, short for Halloween, was brought to the shelter on October 31, 2022, and he exhibited distinctive characteristics. He had lost half of his tail, walked with a gait reminiscent of a mastiff, and had a jumping style reminiscent of a frog.

Typical of many rescued kittens, Hal also experienced digestive issues, likely stemming from his time as a stray on the streets. Upon his arrival home, Hal required isolation from Heather’s resident cats.


Hal, with his playful and mischievous nature, swiftly acclimated to life in quarantine, joyfully engaging with his toys. Heather’s experience underscores the challenges of fostering a single kitten, as they often require a substantial amount of attention. Fostering a pair or a group of kittens tends to be more manageable, as they can play together, expending their abundant energy in a shared environment.


Here’s a glimpse of what Hal typically engages in during his solitary days. Recognizing the benefits of learning crucial skills from other kittens and cats, Heather, an experienced foster parent, observed a lonely ginger kitten named Lemon at the local shelter. After the quarantine period, she considered Lemon to be the ideal companion for Hal. During this time, they were housed in separate but visible pens, providing a gradual introduction between the two.


Lemon also faced stomach issues, but with veterinary care, the adoptive mother was eager to facilitate the introduction between the kittens. Luckily, Lemon’s health improved, and the meeting between the two kittens happened a bit faster than anticipated when Hal, the frog, leaped over the fence and introduced himself!


The two kittens promptly engaged in playful wrestling, resembling two frogs happily hopping around in a pond. The best part? They then leaped into their forever home together!

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