Florida’s One-Year-Old Visually Impaired Cat Found Limping After Sustaining Multiple Shots from a BB Gun.

This visually impaired cat’s injury escalated to the cruel act of target practice. Fortunately, the compassionate individual who discovered Comet swiftly brought the wounded feline to the Help Paws Humane Foundation. The dedicated staff immediately initiated efforts to extract the bullets embedded in the cat’s severely injured body.

Regrettably, the blind cat’s plight extended beyond being a target, as shelter worker Karen B. recounted, “He was limping because his leg was infected and broken in four different places.” Unfortunately, the grim assessment of Comet’s physical condition and the gravity of his injuries compelled veterinarians to make the difficult decision of resorting to amputation as a last resort.



“Expressing gratitude for your support towards Comet, our cat who was discovered in dire need of extensive medical attention following mistreatment by its owner,” relayed Comet’s caregivers to Waggle, an organization collaborating with The Animal Rescue Site to offer life-saving care to injured cats.


We are delighted to share that Comet has found a loving home with a veterinary technician who has been adeptly addressing his ongoing health challenges. Since then, Comet has undergone further veterinary testing and procedures, bringing him one step closer to a full recovery under the care of the Humane Foundation Helping Paws.


Moreover, Comet’s new family includes a three-legged cat, which is likely to be beneficial in demonstrating to Comet how to adapt to moving on three legs.

“Comet is thriving and extremely content in his new home,” expressed the rescue team. “Once again, we extend our gratitude for your assistance in providing top-notch medical care to cats like Comet, enabling them to enjoy their lives to the fullest!”

The distressing account of a one-year-old blind cat in Florida, discovered injured after multiple shots from a BB gun, underscores the senseless cruelty some animals endure, prompting an urgent call for awareness, compassion, and justice for these innocent beings.

The cat’s blindness amplifies the tragedy, emphasizing the vulnerability and dependence of animals with disabilities on our care and protection. Intentionally subjecting them to harm represents a profound betrayal of trust and a violation of their fundamental rights.

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