On Instagram, a cat guardian chronicles the inspirational rehabilitation journey of her cat with two limbs.

On May 3rd of this year, the global community commemorated National Specially-abled Pets Day, a dedicated occasion with a singular mission—to bring attention to the requirements of pets with disabilities. This special day aims to educate the public about the proper care of disabled pets, with a primary focus on showcasing disabled animals seeking homes, thereby increasing their chances of adoption.

In a recent heartwarming tale, a distinctive cat, born without front legs, leapt his way into the affections of many individuals after securing a permanent home. His remarkable story is nothing short of inspiring.


Introducing Rexie Roo, an adorable rescue kitty navigating life without front legs by leaping like a kangaroo. Recently welcomed into the home of Cairistiona Flatley, Rexie Roo caught her attention at the Best Friends Animal Society in Utah, an animal welfare organization. Since then, this charming two-legged feline has found a loving home with Cairistiona.


Bored Panda contacted Cairistiona, Rexie Roo’s owner, and she shared the following with us:

“I had been considering fostering or adopting another feline companion for my first cat, KeeKee, especially during the pandemic when I had more time to introduce them. I’ve always had an affinity for animals with special needs, and the moment I came across Rexie on Best Friends’ Instagram (@bfas_ut), I instantly fell in love. Adopting Rexie marked my first experience with a special needs animal.”


Given Rexie Roo’s unique nature, we were curious about his personality, and Cairistiona shared:

“Rexie is an absolute sweetheart. He welcomes me at the door upon my return and insists on being in the same room as me. He adores cuddling, and every night, he chooses to sleep on my shoulder, neck, or head! His food-driven nature turns him into my morning alarm clock for breakfast, and he always communicates when he’s ready for dinner or a treat. I was pleasantly surprised by how playful he became as he continued to heal. Rexie particularly enjoys playing with wand toys.”


It came to our attention that Rexie Roo wasn’t the sole fortunate rescue in Cairistiona’s household, prompting us to inquire about Rexie Roo’s other companions.

“My other rescue, KeeKee, also hails from the Best Friends Animal Society, and I welcomed him into my home two years prior to Rex. Initially, he wasn’t thrilled about sharing the spotlight, but now he enjoys cuddling and playing with Rex.”

Regarding the inception of Rexie Roo’s Instagram account, his owner explained:

“The Instagram account was initially set up by one of his fosters, Danielle, to aid in his adoption. I took over when I adopted him because there were many people from Best Friends and other shelters interested in staying updated on his progress. Over time, we’ve expanded his account to share his story, showcase the ongoing improvement in his health and abilities, and advocate for special needs pets.”


The tuxedo kitty is undeniably unique, so we inquired with his owner about any entertaining facts or anecdotes.

“Rexie Roo earned his name from his distinctive way of walking, resembling a t-rex, and his penchant for jumping like a kangaroo. I was genuinely astonished the first time he leaped onto my bed! When he desires something, he pursues it with determination.

What I adore most about Rexie is his boundless affection, despite the hardships he has endured. He exudes incredible strength and determination. Quite literally, he is the bright light in my life, and I cherish every aspect of him!”


Rexie Roo’s inspirational journey resonated with people worldwide, gaining viral attention. We were curious about Cairistiona’s thoughts on this.

“I’m thrilled that Rexie has the opportunity to demonstrate to a broad audience that special needs animals can lead fulfilling lives when given the chance. He has the ability to teach people valuable lessons about strength, resilience, and the impact of compassionate care for animals. My hope is that his story serves as a reminder that all animals deserve love, especially those that may look different or move differently. I wouldn’t change a single thing about him.”




Cairistiona aimed to bring attention to the often overlooked topic of adopting pets with disabilities, emphasizing that Rexie Roo was just as exceptional as any other cat, despite his absence of front legs.

“When others commend me for adopting a special needs cat and mention how fortunate he is to have me, all I can think about is how fortunate I am to have him in my life,” Flatley shared with


Through the owner’s proactive approach of sharing their cat’s journey on social media and participating in interviews, they not only celebrate their cat’s resilience but also work towards increasing awareness about the capabilities of animals with special needs. This effort serves to challenge prevalent misconceptions surrounding disabilities in pets and motivates others to recognize the potential for a rich and fulfilling life in animals facing unique challenges.

Moreover, the Instagram account functions as a valuable platform to advocate for animal welfare, promote responsible pet ownership, and disseminate information about resources and organizations dedicated to supporting animals with special needs.

In essence, by sharing the rehabilitation narrative of a two-legged cat on Instagram and engaging in interviews, the owner contributes to inspiring others, fostering a supportive community, and spreading a message of hope, resilience, and compassion for animals in need.

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