“On a frosty evening, the feline was found in a chilly and rigid state.”

A week ago, Marty, a compassionate woman from Las Vegas, stumbled upon three newborn kittens in the bushes, cold and seemingly abandoned. A neighbor sought the assistance of Nikki Martinez, an experienced animal advocate. While walking her dogs, Marty’s canine companion was intrigued by the nearby bushes, prompting further investigation. Nikki recounted, “She followed up and discovered three newborn kittens still had their umbilical cords.”


During Nikki’s absence, she provided instructions to the woman on how to care for the newborns until her return the following day. Marty promptly went to the supermarket to purchase kitten essentials, including food. Upon her return, she began feeding the kittens and continued to bottle-feed them every few hours at her workplace the next morning.


Nikki brought the kittens along as they searched for the mother cat, but she couldn’t be found. Later, Nikki reached out to Trap Neuter Return, a feral cat rescue group in east Las Vegas. The kittens, frail and no more than 24 hours old, lacked essential breast milk for immunity. Nikki emphasized, “It’s a miracle they’re still alive.”

Creating a cozy bed with multiple heat sources, Nikki ensured the kittens stayed warm at all times. She started feeding Cookie, Potato, and Bun every two hours, providing them with the care they needed to thrive.


On the third day of life, the bunion, the smallest of the litter, weighs only 90 g. She suddenly stopped eating, despite the fact that the rest of the group was gaining muscle and strength. On the other hand, Dumplings cannot be forced to eat even a small piece. A kitten of this age cannot go without food for long. Nikki and her husband were well aware that they needed to figure out how to raise the child. They connected her to artificial electricity the next morning. Nikki’s spouse is a certified neonatal intensive care nurse. The couple both attended veterinary school. Fortunately, they were able to revive Bun.




After all these emergency measures, the kitten was fixed. Not only are they street cats, but they also give birth to cubs in the same place.

The incident serves as a reminder of the vulnerability of animals to extreme weather conditions and the importance of providing them with proper shelter and protection. It also highlights the significance of swift action and the role that individuals can play in rescuing animals in distress.

By responding promptly and providing the necessary care and warmth, there is hope for the cat’s recovery. With proper attention, support, and veterinary intervention, the cat can have the opportunity to regain its health and well-being.

Please don’t stay away from stray cats which is not a good idea. Call your local rescue organization or animal shelter, borrow safety traps, catch them all, then transport them to a veterinary facility for spaying and spaying.

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