“Marshal,” the adorable kitten, was discovered near a Brooklyn fire station.

A lifeguard in Brooklyn, NY, named Heidi, also known as the “Cat Wrangler,” saved Marshal, the adorable ginger-colored kitten found alone near a fire station. Heidi rescues kittens on the streets of New York and provides them with a “VIP Life” in foster care at Chez Heidi. She not only rescues kittens but also educates others on important topics such as TNR (trap, neuter, return), proper bathing of kittens, addressing single kitten syndrome, socialization, and more. Her efforts serve as a valuable resource for those interested in participating in TNR to address the widespread demand for such services. Rescue missions like these also bring a burst of happy serotonin, especially when dealing with the charming antics of kittens.


The adorable kitten, affectionately named “Marshal” after being found near a fire station, captured the hearts of thousands of fans. At just 3 weeks old, Marshal, the cutest little firefighter, required round-the-clock bottle feeding every 3-4 hours and special attention to ensure his well-being.


Following a gentle and warm flea bath in Dawn dish soap, Marshal received thorough care from Heidi, including the removal of remaining fleas with a flea comb. Heidi, the dedicated rescuer, generously shared valuable advice on handling situations where individuals come across young kittens like Marshal. Emphasizing the importance of keeping the kitten with its mother if possible, Heidi provides essential guidance for the well-being of these fluffy little ones.


Heidi advises, “Marshal was discovered near the fire station, close to their trash can. It’s uncertain whether he was abandoned by his mother or a human, but he is now in our care. If you come across a kitten resembling Marshal, exercise patience and observation before taking any action. Only intervene if you have reason to believe the kitten is unwell or in danger. Otherwise, monitor the situation closely; mothers often remain nearby to fetch food. If 8 hours pass without sighting the mother, then it’s appropriate to bring the kittens inside, provide immediate warmth and nourishment, and seek assistance for support.”


After facing numerous heart-wrenching challenges with previously rescued kittens, Marshal brought a welcome surge of serotonin. It’s astonishing to see how quickly little Marshal has developed; after just 10 days in foster care, he has transformed into a robust, healthy boy. His rapid growth and maturation continue to bring joy to thousands of people who follow his journey.


“Sometimes I wonder if someone swapped him out in the night with another kitten because he’s so big now!! From 253 grams to 465 grams, he’s about to double his weight! Love your chubby baby.”

After a challenging week, Marshal is a much-needed source of joy for all of us. In the blink of an eye, Marshal has grown up and formed a bond with his adopted companion, Penn, who is only 5 weeks old. Pairing Marshal with Penn ensures that both kittens will be more well-adjusted and avoid “Single Kitten Syndrome.”


This valuable information underscores why we advocate for adopting kittens in pairs. This approach not only allows the kittens to expend their energy and learn important cat behaviors, such as feeding, but it also helps them develop social skills, understand boundaries, and recognize that biting is not acceptable behavior. Ultimately, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement, and kittens typically find greater happiness with a feline companion.

Marshal’s story, marked by discovery and the compassionate involvement of firefighters, holds the potential to resonate with many. It serves as a poignant reminder of the unexpected places where animals may be discovered and highlights the positive impact that acts of kindness and rescue can have on their lives.

As Marshal’s narrative unfolds, witnessing this adorable kitten thrive in a secure and nurturing environment would be heartening. The attention and care extended by the firefighters and the community will play a crucial role in shaping Marshal’s future, ensuring that this once-lonely kitten finds a forever home brimming with love, companionship, and warmth.

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