After a Lifetime Roaming the Streets, All She Desired Was to Relocate Her Babies from the Sidewalk to the Warmth of a Loving Home.

Having spent her entire life outdoors, a calico cat has now given birth to eight kittens in the safety of a home, away from the harsh streets.

While doing her utmost to care for her 3-month-old kittens, a stray cat was discovered and brought to the Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. It was soon revealed that she was heavily pregnant once again. Fortunately, just two days later, she went into labor and delivered a litter of eight kittens. She was rescued just in the nick of time!


Having spent her entire life outdoors and arriving covered in fleas, the stunning calico cat faced challenges upon her arrival. Since older kittens are swiftly adopted due to their age, the focus shifted to providing a comfortable environment for the newborn kittens. Angela stepped in and took Celeste, offering her a foster home and a cozy nest.

For the first time in her life, Celeste has a home of her own, alongside her kittens Drizzle, Sunny, Breeze, Moon, Cloud, Rain, Twinkle, and Storm.


Initially, she felt a bit uneasy in my house. Having spent her entire life outdoors, many things were unfamiliar to her. However, she gradually acclimated and appreciated all the support she received while tending to her eight kittens!

“Being a mother to eight kittens is a demanding and exhausting task, but she’s a mother who dearly loves her kittens. Celeste is incredibly patient, ensuring all her little ones are clean and well-fed,” Angela shared.


Now, she is completely at ease, embodying the adorable and sweet cat she has always wanted to be.

Her kittens are growing rapidly, and both Angela and her sweet floral mother provide them with tender care.

“They are almost three weeks old. All their eyes have opened, and they’ve started to take their first little steps. At this age, kittens rely on their sense of smell to navigate the world. They instinctively hiss when they catch a whiff of something unfamiliar,” Angela explained.


When one kitten starts crying for its mother’s attention, the others quickly follow suit. Before she knows it, Celeste finds herself completely engrossed, especially now that her kittens have all four legs! Once her offspring are old enough for adoption, Celeste will no longer have to play the role of a mother.


Once and for all, she’ll receive the attention she deserves, reveling in her newfound life as a cherished individual.

The woman you’re describing has encountered numerous challenges, enduring a life on the streets. Despite the hardships she has faced, her primary objective is to provide a secure and stable environment for her children. Her love for her babies and her aspiration to transition them from the sidewalk to a home serve as powerful driving forces.

Living on the streets presents formidable challenges, with limited access to basic necessities like food, shelter, and healthcare. It’s a harsh reality fraught with risks and difficulties for both adults and children. The woman’s experience of homelessness underscores the resilience and determination she possesses to forge a better life for her family.

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