Upon acquiring a boat, a delightful surprise awaited: two small, unexpected treasures inside.

After purchasing and transporting a boat across several states, a family discovered two little cats inside. These kittens were so young that they hadn’t even opened their eyes yet!

Pistachio and Raisin are now ready for adoption!

Once the family brought the kittens to the shelter, they were moved to a foster home due to their young age, requiring round-the-clock care from someone with experience. It was in this foster home that they found their foster mother.

At just nine days old, with the support of their foster mother, kitten formula, and a warm blanket, these tiny fur babies, who had yet to open their eyes, began to respond positively. They were paired with the right foster parent capable of offering them round-the-clock care.

“We differentiate them based on their fur: the one on the left with curly fur is called Curly, while the one on the right is named Moe.”

At two weeks old, they were still underweight, but both Pistachio (Curly), weighing 137 grams, and Raisin (Moe), weighing 121 grams, were gaining strength and prepared to explore their surroundings!

Raisin offers her foster mother a hug. Just look at those tiny jelly beans!The family that found them was eager to adopt the kittens once they were old enough, and they received approval after their spay/neuter operations were completed!

They’ve come a long way from their days as stowaways, as evident by their current state!

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