Amid a harsh polar vortex, a frigid and desperate stray cat pleaded to find shelter in the apartment of a compassionate man.

Working from home, Nathaniel Styer’s heart sank when he observed an unusual sight outside his apartment window.

A stray cat was perched on the window ledge, seemingly begging to be let in. The North American winter, intensified by climate change, had become more brutal than ever this year. The shifting polar vortex brought record cold spells, substantial snowfall, and blizzards nationwide. A fierce storm, with relentless winds and heavy snowfall known as a “snow squall,” quickly blanketed every street in a thick layer of white snow. As a result, people were compelled to work from home rather than venture outside.

Nathaniel Styer, one of those working from home, found comfort in his apartment as he immersed himself in computer work. Yet, amid his busy routine, Nathaniel couldn’t ignore something outside the window—a stray cat perched on the window ledge, frantically scratching at anything within reach. The four-legged feline, known as Chunk Chunk, was in a state of panic and desperately begged to be let in.

Recognizing Chunk Chunk as a member of a nearby stray cat colony, Nathaniel, although not overly concerned about street strays, decided to assist the cat. His soon-to-be wife, Renee, dedicated her free time to helping feral cats. In front of the distressed cat Chunk Chunk, Nathaniel opened the window, offering refuge inside his apartment. Despite being safer and more comfortable indoors, the cat exhibited somewhat peculiar behavior, possibly indicative of her accustomed life on the street.

“She allowed me to pick her up, which is unusual for our community cats,” Styer mentioned. “When I set her down, she instantly ran around the house and tried to run out through another window. She learned it was closed when she ran into it,” Nathaniel recalled.

Nathaniel positioned Chunk Chunk in the bathroom, away from their dog, to provide warmth and safety. When Renee arrived home, she wasn’t entirely taken aback upon discovering the identity of their unexpected house guest.

“Since the initial time she showed up at our window, she’s proven to be one of the friendliest community cats I’ve ever encountered. She always seeks out pets and begins purring within seconds,” Renee remarked.

Chunk Chunk will likely find a forever home as rescuers believe she’s not suited for an outdoor life, sparing her from the fear of winters to come. Renee devoted much of her time to assisting community cats during the cold winter. She constructed three winter shelters and consistently supplied food for the stray cats, encouraging others to do the same.

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