A kitten approached a family on a farm and brought her siblings with her.

A Canadian family received an unexpected surprise two weeks ago when they discovered three small kittens hanging out on their farm.

Sylvie noticed a kitten roaming around the property without a mother in sight, but it wasn’t alone. Two other kittens trailed closely behind. Concerned, she promptly called her daughter Vicky for assistance.

Upon approaching the kittens, the little trio made a beeline for the family and began following them around like determined ducklings. Their incessant meowing suggested a plea for food and attention.

The kittens eagerly hopped onto the laps of the family members and even attempted to climb onto their shoulders. Despite searching the area, Vicky couldn’t find any more kittens.

Realizing the young age of the kittens, the family opted to wait for the cat mother’s return. Despite waiting for many hours, there was still no sign of her. Concerned for the kittens’ well-being, they brought them inside the farm and settled them in a secure area.

At approximately three weeks old, the little ones required round-the-clock care. Vicky fashioned a makeshift cat house for the trio and provided them with a warm bed, blankets, and toys.

Vicky contacted Chatons Orphelins Montréal, an animal rescue in Montreal, while she assumed responsibility for feeding the kittens. Despite being unable to adopt more cats, she couldn’t bear the thought of leaving these little ones to fend for themselves.

In the ensuing days, Vicky visited the farm regularly, bringing kitten formula and canned cat food to nurse the feline babies back to health. Upon her arrival, all three furballs would eagerly rise from their comfortable nest and enthusiastically approach their food provider.

Once their bellies were full, the trio would collectively jump onto Vicky’s lap and snuggle in for a cozy session.

A few days later, Vicky brought the kittens to her home for a much-needed bath and extended bonding time. After being thoroughly cleaned up, the kitties were swaddled in towels like purritos and snuggled away in bliss.

The feline siblings seamlessly adapted to indoor life, craving constant attention from Vicky and eagerly anticipating mealtime. At the mere sound of a can opening, they would cry in unison for food and energetically climb their human’s legs.

After two weeks of dedicated care, Vicky drove the kittens to Chatons Orphelins Montréal, ensuring they received the necessary medical attention and the opportunity for a loving forever home.

“She took great care of the kittens with so much love and kindness. She really saved their lives,” shared Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montréal with Love Meow. “The kittens have all gained weight and exceeded 500 grams.”

The sole girl of the litter was given the name Pilorie, while her brothers were named Ed and Barblet. The siblings are inseparable, constantly staying within each other’s view.

They engage in every activity as a trio, and whenever they nap, they invariably form an adorable cuddle puddle.

Despite a challenging start, the kittens are flourishing in foster care.

They revel in their VIP life as indoor cats and exhibit increasing playfulness and mischief with each passing day.

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