A family stumbles upon someone concealed in their rain gutters after hearing cries emanating from the area!

One day, while the family was going through their usual activities, they noticed an unusual sound coming from outside their bedroom window. Upon investigating the source of the noise, they eventually found that a stray cat had chosen the family’s rain gutter as the perfect spot for her litter.

Securing two of the kittens, the family brought them indoors to ensure warmth while awaiting assistance. The RSPCA and local fire services promptly arrived to offer help, collaborating seamlessly to formulate a plan.

Adam Bailey, an inspector with the RSPCA, explained in a press release, “The mother cat chose to give birth to her five kittens in the property’s guttering, and with the prospect of heavy rain, swift intervention was imperative.”

“Collaborating with the fire and rescue team, I ascended onto the roof… methodically containing the mother using a reach and rescue pole. Subsequently, I carefully lifted each kitten, ensuring their safety during the rescue operation.”

Despite Storm, the cat, appearing somewhat perplexed, she offered little resistance, seemingly understanding that everyone was trying to bring her and her kittens to safety. Rescuers efficiently extracted the entire family from the gutter, and the family was relieved that Storm and her kittens wouldn’t be stranded there during the storm.

Storm and her kittens, named Hail, Misty, Foggy, Misty (again), Rain, and Thunder, are currently under the care of the RSPCA. Despite Storm having a microchip, the information was no longer valid, rendering it impossible for the RSPCA to contact her family. Once the kittens are a bit older, they, along with Storm, will be available for adoption unless someone comes forward to claim them.

While a rain gutter wasn’t the most convenient location for Storm to give birth to her kittens, fortunately, the family spotted her just in time.

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