Small kittens squirmed into loving embraces, thrilled to at last receive tender care.

A compassionate individual came across two young kittens outdoors, without their mother. Despite waiting for hours in the hope that the cat mom would return, it proved futile.

“She took in the babies and started bottle feeding them. Upon realizing they were missing limbs, she promptly sought assistance,” Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, shared with Love Meow. “Upon seeing the message and the photos, I couldn’t refuse.”

The person who discovered the feline siblings transported them to the rescue organization situated in Los Angeles, providing the two kittens with an opportunity for a full and enriched life.

The kittens were in poor condition upon arrival. They were infested with fleas, and both had an upper respiratory infection and severe gastrointestinal issues.

“Bunny (the sister) is lacking both of her front arms. Otter (the brother) is missing part of his right front arm and a few toes on the left front paw. Their condition is likely a congenital malformation,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

“Cats with only two legs can lead completely normal and happy lives. Kittens quickly learn to walk on their hind legs, resembling little bunnies,” Caroline explained.

She initiated medication, supplements, and wound care for them. Within just one day, their appetite improved, and they began moving around the nursery with newfound energy.

“Otter is protective of his sister, Bunny. He always seeks to be near her and will wrap his body around her when they sleep.”

Although Bunny is smaller in size, she exhibits an immense will to live. As she gained strength, she transformed into a little purring machine, constantly seeking kisses and affection from her foster mom.

“She has the loudest purr motor, and it’s hard to believe such a big sound can come from such a tiny body. She purrs after every feeding, loves to be held, and looks into your eyes when you talk and sing to her,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

Despite the absence of her front paws, Bunny continues to enjoy biscuit-making (kneading) with her cute little nubs while reaching to her foster mom for kisses.

It might take Bunny a bit longer to figure out her gait and perfect her walk, but she remains consistently in good spirits. She is already working on strengthening her leg muscles as she wiggles around her nest.

“Bunny loves to eat and will scramble her way over her brother to eat first, even though he’s twice her size. I have no doubt she will be zooming around on her two legs in no time,” Caroline shared with Love Meow.

Through meticulous care and an abundance of love, the two siblings have achieved a full recovery. In two weeks, they will undergo evaluation for physical therapy to enhance their mobility.

“They are both beginning to engage in playful antics and wrestle with each other. Otter is my talkative boy who responds when I talk to him, letting me know what he wants. Bunny is my little rolly-poly girl who adores belly rubs.”

Bunny and Otter are flourishing, growing by leaps and bounds. They express immense joy in having a foster family to shower them with attention every single day.

“They adore being held and kissed, reciprocating with kisses of their own. And both of them purr endlessly,” Caroline added.

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