Rescuers discovered a kitten beyond a fence, and the little kitty was not solitary.


In May, Alley Cat Rescue teams were engaged in a trap-neuter-return (TNR) project around the North Hollywood Metro station in Los Angeles. During their efforts, they came across a small kitten peeking through a hole in a wooden fence. However, she wasn’t on her own.

To their surprise, the kitten had siblings, and all of them required medical care. The rescuers promptly took action to ensure their safety.

Meeps, the frailest kitten in the litter, clung on with all her strength. Infections had caused her eyes to be sealed shut.

“They were severely unwell, necessitating several rounds of antibiotics for prolonged upper respiratory infections, eye ointment, eye drops, GI meds, probiotics, and treatment for multiple parasites,” Desiree Stapley from Alley Cat Rescue revealed to Love Meow. “Meeps, being the smallest and most ailing, left us uncertain about her survival, let alone her chances of regaining sight.”

The kittens were placed in foster care with dedicated volunteers. Throughout the ensuing weeks, they received continuous, round-the-clock care to aid in their recovery.

Meeps, requiring additional attention for her eyes, never voiced any complaints and would cuddle with her caretakers after each meal.

She purred contentedly, nestled among her siblings in their cozy, warm bed – they were overjoyed to have a secure haven after a challenging start.

Under a protective roof, receiving the necessary care for their recovery, and surrounded by ample love and affection, the kittens started to thrive, gaining weight and strength. “It truly took a village to nurse these kitties back to health.”

Meeps astonished everyone with her remarkable will to live and has blossomed into an endearing personality.

“This charming and sweet girl seeks affection in all the right places. She playfully rolls around on your computer keyboard, purring until it’s impossible to resist her charm.”

“On your shoulder, she perches patiently, anticipating a tea break. Her brother Bear is another cuddler, and their dilute calico sister Prue is also an incredibly sweet little one.”

“Despite all she’s been through, she possesses the most delightful personality, especially considering the months of daily eye medications,” Desiree shared with Love Meow.

“Just last Thursday, she received the all-clear from an ophthalmologist at VCA. Her eyes are in excellent condition.”

Meeps and her siblings are approaching three months of age and have undergone significant growth. While she remains the smallest in size, what she lacks in stature, she more than compensates for with her vibrant personality.

The petite feline family is now poised for the next chapter of their lives – finding their forever loving homes.

From a kitten with impaired vision, Meeps has transformed into a stunning young lady with radiant eyes.

Just look at her now!

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