A tiny kitten exhibited unwavering determination to thrive and become healthy after facing a challenging setback.

Heather, a foster volunteer at Norfolk Animal Care Center in Virginia, brought home a group of neonatal kittens requiring critical care. Despite her dedicated efforts, Clove was the sole survivor among them.

The kitten, no larger than a palm, was wrestling with various health challenges but clung to life with unwavering determination. “I made a promise to Clove that I wouldn’t give up on her as long as she didn’t give up on me,” Heather shared with Love Meow.

Heather persisted in offering supportive care and provided around-the-clock syringe feedings. Despite being significantly undersized for her age, the kitten exhibited incredible resilience, continuing to eat to her heart’s content despite the formidable odds.

“Gradually, she gained a few grams each day until she finally reached a weight where the vet felt comfortable administering antibiotics. A few days into her 10-day course, she started to show signs of improvement,” Heather added.

With meticulous care, Clove’s eyes cleared up, and her stomach felt much better. The resilient little kitty perked up and began using her legs to move around.

She started exhibiting typical kitten behavior again, reinvigorated with her newfound energy.

Clove transitioned from the incubator to her upgraded kitten suite. For the first time in her life, she showed great interest in her new surroundings and even ventured to explore and inspect her upgraded living space.

“Clove is truly a force to be reckoned with. This little one is going to grow up to be incredibly resilient,” Heather added. “Words cannot capture how proud I am of this tiny warrior.”

It took the kitten a bit more time to adapt to eating solid food. Once she grasped the technique of eating from a dish, she eagerly immersed her face into it, showing no fear of getting food all over.

Clove might be developing at her own pace, but her determination to grow big and strong remains unwavering.

At seven weeks old, the kitten officially became a member of the one-pound club, achieving one milestone after another. While Clove remained petite, her personality more than compensated for her size.

As she progressed in her development, her quirky and adorable nature started to shine through.

Clove refused to be defined by her size and swiftly uncovered her inner sass. She boldly displayed her cattitude, especially in the presence of people or large dogs.

Fearless and endearing, if she desires something, she won’t accept no for an answer.

Clove has transformed into a sweet cuddle-bug, relishing snuggle time with her humans. This petite kitty has an abundance of love to share.

“At eight weeks old, she weighs one pound and 10 ounces. She’s a bit behind the typical curve,” remarked Heather.

“She enjoys playing with all three of my dogs and is always ready to snuggle up with me for a nice nap,” Heather shared with Love Meow.

Clove nestled in her foster mom’s arms, purring herself into a peaceful sleep.

The resilient little kitty becomes more playful and rambunctious with each passing day. She has mastered her pounce and continues to refine other crucial feline skills.

Once Clove reaches the 2-pound mark, she will begin her journey to her forever home. She proudly sports a cute, chonky belly to showcase her growth.

“She truly is extraordinary, and I couldn’t be prouder of her,” Heather shared with Love Meow.

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