A lonely kitten discovered abandoned in a garden, and weeks later, they uncovered the rest of his family.

Tara, the founder of The Mad Catters in Perth, Australia, took in a small kitten discovered crying in a garden. Despite extensive efforts and time dedicated to the search, there was no trace of other kittens or the cat mom.

The kitten, named Cobain (aka Cobi), urgently required round-the-clock care and feedings. Tara swiftly took action, ensuring the kitten was comfortable and warm while providing a generous supply of kitten formula. The palm-sized baby was so hungry that he immediately latched on and devoured the food as if there were no tomorrow.

Recognizing the importance of a kitten having a mom and siblings for proper development, Tara reached out to another rescue, Impound Feline Rescue, for assistance.

“He was constantly crying for attention, and so my search began for a surrogate mother,” Tara shared with Love Meow.

“The very next day, I noticed that Impound Feline Rescue had taken in a mother with newborns from the pound, and they immediately agreed to take on baby Cobi!”

It was a moment of love at first sight for Mama Cinque when she encountered the little singleton, and her kittens readily embraced him as one of their own. Cobi nestled right into Mama’s belly and commenced nursing.

The cat mom showered her new baby with unconditional love, and her own kittens even wriggled over to him, falling asleep on his belly.

“Cobain has been thriving, eagerly consuming his new mom’s milk and frolicking with his tiny brothers and sisters,” Impound Feline Rescue shared with Love Meow.

While the ginger boy continued to grow alongside his adoptive siblings, rescuers never lost hope that one day they would reunite Cobi with his biological mom and siblings.

A few weeks later, when Tara was summoned to aid in a rescue mission for a stray cat and her kittens, she was astounded by what she uncovered.

“A volunteer of ours sent a photo of her under a car with her kittens, who I could see were about four weeks old. As soon as she said the address, I realized it was next door to where Cobain was picked up. The kitten ages match up perfectly. We finally found his family,” Tara shared with Love Meow.

The rescue team promptly ensured the kittens’ safety and deployed a humane trap for the mom. Within hours, they successfully caught her and reunited her with her four kittens.

Despite being unable to find a microchip and having no one come forward to claim her, her life on the street came to an end as they journeyed to their foster home.

The calico mom named Sofia was delighted with her spacious new environment, complete with soft blankets and an abundance of food.

Among the four kittens, one bears a striking resemblance to Cobain.

Cobi continues to flourish with his adoptive family at Impound Feline Rescue and has formed strong attachments to them. “He will be staying with his surrogate mum because she is all he has known. He is comfortable, happy, and well-loved,” Tara shared with Love Meow.

“His mother, Sofia, and four siblings have acclimated to their new foster caretaker at The Mad Catters.”

Tara and her rescue team held onto their hope, and it ultimately guided them to the rescue of the entire family.

The kittens swiftly shed their shyness and began to engage in play. Mama Sofia could finally unwind and enjoy some much-needed personal time with her human companions.

They no longer need to roam the streets in search of food and shelter. Now, they are clean, healthy, and enthusiastic about all the toys they have.

Cinque and Sofia are nurturing their final litters in secure homes, shielded from the elements.

Once their kittens reach a sufficient size, they will bid farewell to motherhood and relish being the focal point of attention as pampered indoor cats.

With the assistance of numerous volunteers and rescuers, the two feline families are flourishing and heading towards a promising future.

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