A cat tightly embraces her sole kitten after being saved from their previous life on the streets.

An elusive cat had been spotted roaming a neighborhood in Los Angeles for some time. After considerable effort, Chris, a local animal rescuer, successfully brought her to safety, and she wasn’t alone. The tabby cat was rescued along with her two kittens.

Wrenn Rescues in Southern California was contacted to provide a foster home for the cat mom and her kittens. Jen Marder, a dedicated volunteer, welcomed the little family of three into her care.

“When I first received them, Mama (Rosa) was very fearful. She had never experienced being indoors, and she found herself in a new environment with her newborn babies,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

Despite their utmost efforts to rescue her, one of the kittens, noticeably smaller, sadly succumbed two weeks later. Mama Rosa devoted herself to cuddling with her surviving kitten, King, around the clock, as if determined to shower him with all the love necessary for his well-being.

“Following that, King began to flourish, and Mama Rosa became increasingly affectionate,” Jen remarked.

Upon realizing that her kitten was in capable hands, Rosa started to open up and engage with her foster family. She remained by King’s side, vigilant and protective at every turn.

The devoted cat mom spent her days in her nest, nursing and tending to her lone offspring. Even when she forgot to eat, Jen ensured she was well looked after by bringing food and water to her bedside.

As King matured, he embraced his newfound energy with playfulness and exuberance.

Mama Rosa tolerates his spirited play, never skipping a chance to bathe him. She diligently ensures he stays clean and well-groomed at all times.

The playful kitten attempts to elude Mama’s obligatory baths, only to be showered with even more affection.

“They truly are inseparable. It’s amusing to see King climb Rosa’s face, and she just sits there, letting him play!”

Rosa has consistently shared a close bond with King, forming an inseparable duo.

“Wherever Mama is, the kitten follows, and vice versa. It’s one of the most endearing connections between a mother and her baby that I’ve ever witnessed,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

Recognizing the depth of their reliance on each other, the rescue organization aims to secure a home where they can stay together.

“She may not be a lap cat yet, but she’s no longer fearful. She’ll approach, sniff my finger, and nuzzle her face against it. Occasionally, she allows me to scratch her head and chin, and she purrs quite loudly,” Jen explained.

“I truly hope we can find someone to adopt them together.”

Mama Rosa is thriving with her cherished kitten by her side.

She remains ever-watchful as he transitions into his teenage phase. Whether King is energetically running around the room or engaging in play with his foster mom, Rosa is consistently nearby, keeping a vigilant eye on him.

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