When a young man, who has autism, is given a new cat for comfort, he becomes overwhelmed with emotion and tears.

Experiencing the loss of a pet is profoundly distressing, given that these animals are regarded as integral family members and are deeply cherished. The well-being of these beings directly affects every member of the family.

Morgan, a young individual with autism, was devastated by the loss of his beloved cat.

Morgan’s mother, Cynthia Roseberry, remembered that when Tabby first came home, she was initially hesitant to adapt until she became familiar with her new environment.

“Over time, she grew more tranquil and started seeking Morgan’s attention,” Cynthia elaborated.

“Almost from the start, he consistently called her ‘his daughter,'” Cynthia continued.

Morgan, who has autism, has always held a significant bond with Tabby, whom he met in his early years. For a decade, their connection was incredibly strong, but in September of the previous year, Tabby passed away due to old age at the age of 16, leaving Morgan devastated.

“I was devastated for an extended period. He organized a funeral that the entire family attended,” his mother remarked.

Mourning the loss of his closest friend, Morgan took the necessary time to process and understand his emotions.

Upon expressing his readiness to welcome another cat shortly before his 18th birthday, Morgan’s family arranged a surprise by planning to gift him a new pet at his birthday party.

Initially puzzled upon opening one of his gifts and finding cat toys inside, Morgan quickly grasped the situation.

While Morgan still deeply missed Tabby, he found immense joy in welcoming a new pet into his life. Morgan decided to name his new rescue cat Vitani, inspired by a character in “The Lion King II: Simba‚Äôs Pride.”

Witnessing Morgan’s emotional journey, everyone at the celebration was touched by his connection with Tabby. They were delighted to support him in moving forward and embarking on a new chapter of his life with Vitani.

Morgan and Vitani have forged an incredible bond of friendship. Morgan is ecstatic to have another kitten to nurture and reciprocate affection, even though he will always hold a special place in his heart for Tabby.

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